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Film references from 'The Dreamers'

By: virginw​olf

Bande à part
Isabelle, Theo, and Matthew race through the Louvre, attempting to break the record depicted in Bande à part of 9 minutes, 43 seconds.

Les Dames du Bois de Boulogne
Isabelle quotes a famous line from this film, telling Matthew “There is no such thing as love, only proofs of love”.

Shock Corridor
Film Matthew watches at the Cinémathèque Française at the beginning of the movie.

Pierrot le fou
Music from the film appears

The 400 Blows
The main title music by Jean Constantin appears; Jean-Pierre Léaud, who plays the protagonist Antoine Doinel in The 400 Blows, appears as himself.

Matthew has a picture of Liv Ullman and Bibi Andersson from Persona in his apartment

La Chinoise
A poster of the film hangs on a wall in the twins’ apartment.

A picture of David Hemmings in the role of the photographer hangs on the wall of the twins’ apartment.

Blonde Venus
Isabelle reenacts scene in sexy white painting clothes.

After Isabelle, Theo, and Matthew run through the Louvre, Isabelle and Theo signify their acceptance of Matthew by chanting, “We accept him, one of us,” in a reflection of the wedding reception in Freaks.

L’Age d’Or
Matthew sucks the toe of Isabelle, imitating Lya Lys in Luis Buñuel’s controversial film.

Follow the Fleet
The music from Fred Astaire’s song “Let’s Face the Music and Dance” plays when Matthew visits Theo’s room

Theo reenacts the death of the character Tony Camonte played by Paul Muni, challenging Isabelle to name the film.

Queen Christina
Isabelle reenacts the scene in which Greta Garbo’s character Queen Christina “memorizes the room,” in Matthew’s bedroom, the first night he sleeps over.

Top Hat
Isabelle challenges Matthew to name a scene in which a tap dancer wakes a woman in the apartment below, then Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers are seen.

À bout de souffle
Isabelle imitates Jean Seberg’s Patricia the first night Matthew stays with her and Theo.
Isabelle claims her first words in English were “New York Herald Tribune”, a conscious reference to the French New Wave film “Breathless”, in which the heroine Patricia yells the same thing. The reference is accompanied by a segment of said film.
Matthew imitates Jean-Paul Belmondo’s character by rubbing his lips with his thumb in front of the mirror (something which Jean-Paul does to imitate Humphrey Bogart).

Sunset Boulevard
Isabelle puts on sunglasses and a head wrap giving an emotionless gaze, imitating Gloria Swanson’s Norma Desmond character in the scene where William Holden’s Joe Gillis character has entered the run-down mansion and is made to read a script that Desmond has been writing for her planned comeback.

After Isabelle realizes her mother has seen her sleeping naked with her brother she tries to kill the three of them with natural gas. When she closes her eyes images of the suicide of Mouchette from Robert Bresson’s film appear.



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