Golden Horse Film Fest 100 Greatest Chinese-Language Films

by Amy
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Only five not on MUBI!
Anyone wants to contribute them to the database??? x)

Article on Film Business Asia

/Nov’14 DONE!

Missing titles:
48. Goodbye Darling (再見阿郎); dir. Pai Ching-jui (白景瑞), 1971
50. Let It Be (無米樂); dir. Yen Lan-Chuan (顏蘭權) & Chuang Yi-tseng (莊益增), 2005
74. Jade Love (玉卿嫂); dir. Chang Yi (張毅), 1984
75. Sun, Moon and Star (星星月亮太陽); dir. Yi Wen (易文), 1962
92. The Blue and the Black (藍與黑); dir. Doe Ching (陶秦), 1967