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Inspiration Films (Inspiring everything)

By: Annalee

The ever expanding, ever modifying list:

Films that inspire me whether it be my habiliments, apartment/home decor, writing, or creative style.
Also films that remind me of the multifarious and aberrant ways my mind works.

Not listed on MUBI:
Over the Moon (1939)
Wedding Rehearsal (1932)



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Picture of John-Paul



A truly beautiful, fabulous and exciting list of filmic wonders. Thank you for sharing & sending your inspirations out to inspire anew.

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Picture of George Caltsoudas

George Caltsoudas


What's the film that the send gif belongs to? The one of the woman floating over the crystals?

Picture of Twin Sakzata

Twin Sakzata


GREAT, great name for a list, and the gifs! Also, great selection, although I haven't seen most of them.

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