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Let's Get Smashed and Have Awkward Sex: Hong Sang-soo Ranked

By: Blue K, Custodi​an of the Cinema

aka: The Custodian’s Daily Aspiration



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Picture of Eloi MV

Eloi MV


Have you seen The Day he Arrives? How did you like it? I'd rate it very high, but I have yet to see Tale of Cinema and The Day a Pig Fell into the well...Anyway, Hong Sang-Soo is the man whatsoever!

Picture of Zachary Phillip Brailsford

Zachary Phillip Brailsford


Hmmm...The Power of Kangwon Province...I want to watch that again. I guess I'm surprised you have that so low, but, then again, I have the feeling that it doesn't mean that you think particularly negatively about it, but simply, rather, that you just don't like it AS much as the rest of his (which is, in my opinion, much more understandable). :P Savvy

Picture of Seanpasbon



Could not agree more with the first pick!

Picture of Life as Fiction

Life as Fiction


Surprised to see Night and Day so low. Also, HaHaHa was one of your favorites last year, but ranks #8? That may mean that we agree on 2010 being a relatively weak year for cinema.