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Martin Scorsese's Favorite Films

by Sam DiSalle
Films 1228
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all titles are gleaned from various sources, lists, interviews, etc.
any additions and subtractions to be made are welcome, but please provide a source if possible.

titles missing include:
Secrets of the Soul (Denizot, 1912)
Sylvia’s Promise (Kuchar, 1962)

thanks to kenji, mubianer, xl, thecinemaadventurist, nelson núñez, surya biswas, james curry, scott d’agostino, zach, epessoa, zach callahan, brandon sparks, gregory pepe, carlitos barragan, RRR, davidsknight89, abas, un enthus palson, daynal, kunimosoJoe, isaacvalbuena08, uncleboonmee, james curry, jtisdale473, BB, Remigijus and s4mmcs for their contributions.