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My Noughties Top 10

By: Joshua Gaunt

Here’s my ten most favorite films of the last decade (or) films that I think were the most important and that everyone should see (in no particular order).



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Picture of Joshua Gaunt

Joshua Gaunt


@Joshua W At least the Joshuas agree! It was a hard call w/ Lynch. I just see Inland Empire as more forward thinking piece of work...more than a film in some ways. Mullholland Drive is bloody excellent though! @Jeremy Gaunt History of Violence would probably be in my top 20, although I really like Spider a lot so it would be a close call w/ that when looking at Cronenberg. One thing I learned by making this list…

Picture of Jeremy Gaunt

Jeremy Gaunt


Oh dear, a Lynchian. How could you miss out History of Violence or Pan's Labyrinth (or even Avatar, if you are talking about important). I would go with 3, 5, 7 and possibly 9.