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Released on CD: Film Scores of 1963

By: Oliver

Latest addition: “The List of Adrian Messenger” by Jerry Goldsmith.

1. Dimitri Tiomkin (Lalaland, nearly complete score on 2 CDs)
2. Nino Rota (Sugar Music, same content as the former CAM album)
3. Manos Hadjidakis (Sirius)
4. Michel Magne (Universal France, paired with “Un singe en hiver”)
5. Martin Böttcher (Edel TS, paired with “Der Schatz im Silbersee”)
6. Carlo Rustichelli (CAM)
7. Roberto Nicolosi & Les Baxter (Digitmovies, Baxter’s score for the US version is available from Intrada)
8. Tristram Cary (Cloud Nine Records, ca. 20 minutes on “Quatermass and the Pit – The Film Music of Tristram Cary Vol. 1”)
9. Jerome Moross (RCA Records)

10. Henry Mancini (Intrada, premier release of the original film recording)
11. Ernest Gold (Kritzerland)
12. Alex North (Varèse Sarabande)
13. Georges Delerue (Universal France, Piero Piccioni’s replacement score for the Italian version was released by Digitmovies)
14. Ronald Stein (Percepto, part of the box set “Mad, Mod and Macabre”)
15. Jerry Goldsmith (Varèse Sarabande)
16. Roberto Nicolosi (Digitmovies, paired with “La maschera del demonio”)
17. Piero Piccioni (Legend, contains music from “Guendalina” & “Nata di Marzo”)
18. Elmer Bernstein (Intrada)
19. Ronald Stein (Percepto, paired with “The Premature Burial”)

20. Masaru Satô (Toho, part of the box set “The Film Music of Akira Kurosawa – The Complete Edition Vol. 2”)
21. André Previn (Rykodisc)
22. Ernest Gold (Lalaland, complete edition with Sound FX or album version from Kritzerland)
23. Bernard Herrmann (Intrada, re-recording conducted by Bruce Broughton)
24. Nino Rota (Sugar Music, same content as the former CAM album)
25. Jerry Goldsmith (Perseverance Records, new edtion with same content as previous releases)
26. Armando Trovajoli (GDM, paired with “Il gaucho”)
27. Jerry Goldsmith (Film Score Monthly)
28. Piero Piccioni (CAM)
29. Jerry Goldsmith (Film Score Monthly, paired with “Nick Quarry”)

30. Ennio Morricone (GDM, paired with “Agent 505 – Todesfalle Beirut”)
31. Ward Swingle & Serge Rezvani (Universal France, paired with “Red and Blue”)
32. Ronald Stein (Percepto, part of the box set “Mad, Mod and Macabre”)
33. Piero Piccioni (GDM)
34. John Addison (Kritzerland)
35. Miklós Rózsa (Film Score Monthly, LP version in the box set “Miklós Rózsa Treasury 1949 – 1968”)
36. Sol Kaplan (Film Score Monthly, paired with George Duning’s “The Devil at 4 O’Clock”)
37. Armando Trovajoli (GDM, includes the scores for “Alta infedelta” and “Le belle famiglie”)
38. Carlo Rustichelli (Digitmovies, paired with “Sei donne per l’assassino”)
39. Piero Piccioni (Saimel, paired with “La Donna e’ una cosa meravigliosa”)

40. Les Baxter (Kritzerland, partial score only with sound effects, contains music from “Tales of Terror”)
41. Armando Trovajoli (GDM)
42. Pierre Jansen (Universal France, 18 minutes on “Bandes originales des films de Claude Chabrol”)
43. Piero Piccioni (GDM/Legend, includes the scores for “Salvatore Giuliano” & “Il caso Mattei”)
44. Riz Ortolani (CAM, paired with “Casanova & Co”)
45. John Barry (Capitol/EMI)
46. Elmer Bernstein (Kritzerland, paired with “A Girl Named Tamiko”)
47. Herschell Gordon Lewis (Birdman Records, paired with “Two-Thousand Maniacs”)
48. Les Baxter (Kritzerland, the surviving 25 minutes of the original recording, paired with “An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe”)
49. Giovanni Fusco (GDM/Legend, includes music from “Violenza segreta” & “I sovversivi”)

50. John Green (Film Score Monthly, paired with “The Wreck of the Mary Deare” by George Duning)
51. Sadao Bekku (Toho Records, paired with “Atragon” by Akira Ifukube)
52. Akira Ifukube (Futureland)
53. Les Baxter (Intrada)
54. Georges Delerue (Universal France, paired with “Un flic” by Michel Colombier)
55. Armando Trovajoli (CAM)
56. Giovanni Fusco (Beat Records, includes music from “I tre sergenti del Bengali”)
57. Riz Ortolani & Nino Oliviero (King Records)
58. Elmer Bernstein (Kritzerland, paired with “The Lonely Man” by Nathan Van Cleave)
59. Sandro Brugnolini (GDM)

60. John Williams (Film Score Monthly, paired with “Gone with the Wave” by Lalo Schifrin)
61. George Duning (Film Score Monthly)
62. Piero Piccioni (Beat Records)
63. Piero Piccioni (Think! Japan)
64. Ennio Morricone (Digitmovies)
65. Elmer Bernstein (Intrada)
66. Elmer Bernstein (Varèse Sarabande Club, paired with “The Young Doctors”)
67. Elmer Bernstein (Film Score Monthy, re-recording is part of the box set “Elmer Bernstein’s Film Music Collection”)
68. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (Kronos Records)
69. Armando Trovajoli (Digitmovies, paired with “Che fine ha fatto Totò Baby?”)

70. Francesco De Masi (Digitmovies)
71. Angelo Francesco Lavagnino (CAM)
72. Jerry Goldsmith (Varèse Sarabande Club)



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