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Sinema e Breizh

By: floserb​er

I was born in Brittany , and wondering about the films shot on the territory i thought it would be a good idea to share the fruits of my researchs here on Mubi in my first list.
This list in not complete of course, i gathered some informations and critics about each film i didn’t know, i made a selection trying to keep here what could be interesting, personnally i only watched few of these movies for the moment and if some can be watched in decent copies, others are very rare and hard to find.

The Hatter’s Ghost, shot in Quimper and Concarneau.

My American Uncle, shot on the island of Logoden

This man must die, shot in Argol

Remorques, shot in Brest

Tess, shot in Locronan and Le Leslay

The Vikings shot in the Côtes-d’Armor, here on the Fort-la-Latte

A very long engagement shot in Locronan and Plougrescant

La merveilleuse visite (1973) by Marcel Carné
L’Or des Mers (1932) by Jean Epstein
Reflux (1982) by Patrick Le Gall



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Yes! it's an interesting place! are you on holiday in Brittany Kenji? :D

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Ah i went to the Fort de la Latte yesterday, didn't realise The Vikings was filmed there. Great location

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Coucou, Florian, c'est moi. How is my favorite pirate cousin? Hope all is well. Did you start the new job? And have you had a chance to start your stop motion short film? Me ke aloha pumehana :)

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And me i would like to make a film on Paul Gauguin's life! :D He's one of my very favorite painters. His paintings on the life in Brittany in the end of the 19th century are really interesting, with poetic symbolism melting with the everyday life. I also love his work in Polynesia very much :)