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By: Martinu​s

Films that have something in common with the myth of Sisyphus.
- futile and hopeless labor
- useless struggles
- absurd situations without hope
- no escape possible
- monotonous and pointless projects
- an endless task
- eternal return and neverending stories
- the human condition in a godless world

The Sisyphean world is one without religious hopes. The Sisyphean hero struggles with his fate which he defies and accepts at the same time.
This myth has many aspects. The more the movie has in common with the situation of Sisyphus, the higher I will rank it on the list.
You, fellow Sisyphean listmakers, can help to make this list longer.

Not on MUBI:

-RE/TRATO (Oscar Muñoz, 2003):

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MAX KLINGER – Sisyphus, oder Die Fakultäten, 1914



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Indeed, most cartoons and slapstick comedies have a lot in common with the neverending difficulties of Sisyphus. M° drew my attention to a video which shows the hand of the artist Oscar Muñoz trying to paint a face on a concrete sidewalk with water.

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While watching Tom & Jerry episodes, I thought about this list. I suppose many cartoons contain Sisyphus-type pursuits.

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"The struggle itself is enough to fill a man's heart. One must imagine Sisyphus happy." Albert Camus - The Myth of Sisyphus.


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