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The Postmodern Complex (Millennium Edition)

By: localdj​ango

“… ‘after modernism’ is what it means… it’s a very useful catch-all term because you say it and we all nod soberly, as if we know what we’re talking about and in fact we don’t…”

- David Foster Wallace on the definition of “postmodernism”

Not on mubi…

1. Voom Portraits by Robert Wilson

2. If There Be Thorns by Michael Robinson

3. Deliver by Jennifer Montgomery

4. Conversations wit de Churen V: As da Art World Might Turn by Kalup Linzy

5. Eight by by Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler

6. House with Pool by Teresa Hubbard & Alexander Birchler



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Incredible list, hope you can keep adding to it. Have bookmarked it in my browser & will check it every now & then Much appreciated

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a m a z i n g. loved the 'miami vice', 'colateral', and 'alvorada vermelha' stills.

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No love for the master Kubrick.

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