THE SILENT ERA, 1888-1929

by Kenji
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Click on Read More. BY YEAR, A STARTER PACK OF MOST ESSENTIAL FIRST. Apursansar has done an excellent list of his favourites, into the 30s, but i thought we could do with a compendium-type list too. I’m going back to Louis Le Prince’s pioneering films in Leeds in 1888, rather than the Lumieres’ paying cinema presentation of 1895.

And see my list of the 19th century pioneers: Let There Be Light. Also, Alice Guy-Blaché, Queen of the Pioneers,

My favourites:
Sunrise, Man with a Movie Camera, Metropolis, Battleship Potemkin, Nosferatu, The Pearl, Sherlock Jr,
Pandora’s Box, Lucky Star, Les...

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