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TIFF Cinematheque's Best of the Decade


A curated series based on a poll conducted by TIFF Cinematheque’s Senior Programmer James Quandt. An esteemed panel of over sixty film curators, historians, archivists and programmers from festivals, cinematheques and similar organizations around the world participated and were asked to pick the films they thought were the most important of the past decade. The poll’s participants are connected by their leadership in the field of historical film curation, with most having published books, essays and polemics on cinema, bringing perspectives that distinguish this poll from other end-of-the-decade polls.



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Picture of chanandre



no Oliveira really?

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Definitely better than their 100 Essential Films list, and, thank goodness, there's no Amelie!

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Eloi MV


One of the best list definitly; altought I don't really think having 3 Apichatpong in the top 14 is really clever. He's probably one of the most (if not the most) important director of the 00s but still, his influence is enough seen in one (maybe 2 in the top 50). Same for Ji Zhangke. But that's the problem with the consensus list.

Picture of Vodalus of the Wood

Vodalus of the Wood


Really, Oldboy isn't on here?

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