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Tiresiasans [work in progress] what's happened next, and after, or about things to come.

By: Pedja

Predictions are important ‘cause I’m swimming in the ocean of delusions, for a breath of limpid truth.

The blind beggar of Gustave Flaubert’s Madame Bovary echoes Tiresias. Emma looking in her mirror, contemplating her death and hearing the song of the blind beggar, reflects her vacillating struggle between the masculine and feminine identity.

Peter Gabriel, in the lyrics of the Genesis song “The Cinema Show” refers to “father Tiresias” and his dual sexuality.

Take a little trip back with father Tiresias,
Listen to the old one speak of all he has lived through.
“I have crossed between the poles, for me there’s no mystery.
Once a man, like the sea, I raged.
Once a woman, like the earth, I gave.
But there is in fact more earth than sea.”



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