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Top 25 of The Decade

By: Stephen

For the most part these are in order…

I would have added “The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus” because I was blown away, but even though it was released Christmas Day 2009, It wasn’t wide released till 2010, and that’s when I saw it… Hopefully I’ll remember it for 2020… or here’s hoping there will be films that blow IT away.

So most of these are universal in their praise, but I’ll defend a few I put on here that may be “controversial”
“The New World” : beautiful and poetic. Moved me beyond awe, to passion. Watch this instead of “Avatar” (better story)
“Triplets of Belleville” : Made me look at animation as a true, legitimate way to present a story. No box needed. “UP” was close
“Once” outstanding re-imagining of the musical. No need for any formalities, even in the film making. Perfect tone.
“The Science of Sleep” Gondry has always been a master of imagination, and this just is brilliant.
“Dogville” Made me look at film in a different way. Where dynamics of character can overshadow the intentional lack of art direction.

some “Oh Sh*t! Why didn’t I add those!” pics:

“The Lives of Others” would probably have made it in the top five

“Let the Right One In”
“Requiem for a Dream”
The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
“In the Mood for Love”
and “Children of Men” get honorable mention.
I’ll throw “Up” in there too…



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