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Turkish Fantastik Cinema

By: E AP

Yilmayan Seytan

A list of Turkish “Fantastik” Genre, Cult, and B-grade films, spanning from the 1950’s to the late 1980’s.

According to Fantastik Turk Sinemasi by Metin Demirhan, the genres that comprise TFC are:

Horror / Superhero / Sci-Fi / Western / Fairy-Tale / Karate / Historical / Fantasy

Mubi is sadly lacking the glut of these (albeit) rare Turkish films, most of which I haven’t seen, and I’m sure few outside of Turkey at the time have. This list is deeply indebted to Bill Barounis, who runs Onar Films, a small and independent DVD label running out of Greece, and his Turkish Fantastic Cinema Guide.For the last decade or so, Bill seems to have been scouring both the farthest-reaches and the smallest crevasses of Turkey and its obscure cinema, reanimating prints that have perhaps not been seen since their initial release, and providing the platform for a wider, international audience to discover these Cult gems.

Woman Despisert
Replete with a Dracula rip-off, sleezy slashers, Turkish giallos, gore, and three Straw Dogs remakes.

Ciglik (The Scream) / 1949
Director: Aydin Arakon
Drakula Istanbul’da (Dracula in Istanbul) / 1953
Director: Mehmet Muhtar
Bes Hasta Var (Five Patients) / 1956
Director: Atif Yilmaz
Kable Vuran Dusman (Enemy Who Hits the Heart) / 1964
Director: Atif Yilmaz
Manyaklar Kosku (Mansion of Maniacs) / 1965
Director: Aram Gulyuz
Kadin Dusmani (The Woman Killer) / 1967
Director: Ilhan Engin
Bes Atesli Kadin (Five Hot Women) / 1968
Director: Seyfettin Tiryaki
Oluler Konuzmaz Ki (The Dead Don’t Talk) / 1970
Director: Yavuz Yalinkilic
Aska Susayanlar Seks Ve Cinayet (Thirsty for Love, Sex and Murder) / 1972
Director: Mehmet Aslan
Korkunc Tecavuz (Rape of Horror) / 1972
Seytan (Satan) / 1974
Director: Metin Erksan
Cirkin Dunya (Ugly World) / 1974
Director: Osman F. Sedan
Kartal Yuvasi / 1974
Director: Natuk Batyan
Sevimli Frankenstayn / 1975
Director: Nejat Saydam
Sut Kardesler / 1976
Director: Ertem Egilmez
Nehir / 1977
Director: Serif Goren
Saldiranlar /1979
Director: Engin Temizer
Uyle Bir Kadin Ki (A Woman Like That)/ 1979
Director: Naki Yurter
Can Korkusu / 1980
Director: Hidayet Pelit
Cirpinis (Spasms) / 1980
Director: Samim Utku
Topragin Teri (Bloody Earth)/ 1981
Director: Natuk Baytan
Kadinca / 1984
Director: Temel Gursu
Sapik Kadin (Psycho Woman) / 1988
Director: Orhan Elmas
Vahset Kasirgasi / 198?
Director: Kadir Akgun
Lanetli Kadinlar (Cursed Women) / 198?
Director: Kadir Akgun

Orumcek Adam (Spider Man) / 1966
Director: Cevat Okcugil
Disi Killink (She-Killink) / 1967
Director: Aram Gulyuz
Fantoma Istanbul’da Bulusalim (The Phantom: Istanbul Appointment) / 1967
Director: Natuk Baytan
Kara Atmaca (Black Hawk) / 1967
Director: Nisan Hancer
Killink Istanbul’da (Kilink in Istanbul) / 1967
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Kilink Ucan Adam’a Karsi (Kilink vs The Flying Man) / 1967
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Kilink Soy Ve Oldur (Kilink Strip and Kill) / 1967
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Kilink Canilere Karsi (Kilink vs The Murderers) / 1967
Director: Cetin Inanc
Kilink Frankenstayn’a Karsi (Kilink vs Frankenstein) / 1967
Director: Nuri Akinci
Kilink Oluler Konusmaz (Kilink: The Dead Don’t Talk) / 1967
Director: Yavuz Figenli
Mandrake Kilinke’e Karsi (Mandrake vs. Kilink)/ 1967
Director: Oksal Pekmezoglu
Saskin Hafiye Kilinge Karsi (The Confused Detective vs Kilink) / 1967
Director: Natuk Baytan
Binbasi Tayfun (Captain Cyclone) / 1968
Director: Tolgay Ziyal
Casus Kiran (Spy Smasher) / 1968
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Kara Atmaca’nin Intikami (Black Hawk’s Revenge) / 1968
Director: Nisan Hancer
Kizil Maske (The Phantom) / 1968
Director: Tolgay Ziyal
Kizil Maske (The Phantom) / 1968
Director: Cetin Inanc
Demir Pence Korsam Adam (Iron Claw the Pirate) / 1969
Director: Cetin Inanc
Demir Pence Casuslar Savasi / 1969
Director: Cetin Inanc
Ruzgar Hafiye (The Wind Detective) / 1969
Director: Cevat Okcugil
Supermen Fantoma’ya Karsi (Super-man vs. Fantomas) / 1969
Director: Kayhan Arikan
Casus Kiran Yedi Canli Adam (Casus Kiran: Man of 7 Lives) / 1970
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Maskeli Seytan (Masked Devil) / 1970
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Simsek Hafiye (The Thunder Detective) / 1970
Director: Savas Esici
Belanin Krali / 1971
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Kilink Olum Saciyor (Kilink Spreads Death) / 1971
Director: Birsen Kaya
Kinova Demir Yumruk (Kinova: Iron Fist) / 1971
Director: Cetin Inanc
Maskeli Ucler (The Masked Trio) / 1971
Director: Melih Gulgen
Kizil Maske’nin Intikami (Revenge of the Phantom) / 1971
Director: Cavit Yoruklu
Super Adam (Superman) / 1971
Director: Cahit Yoruklu
Bombala Oski Bombala (Bomb Them Oski, Bomb Them!) / 1972
Director: Cetin Inanc
Disi Akrep (Scorpion Woman) / 1972
Director: Feridun Kete
Kaplan Kadin Dehset Adasi (Tiger Woman Terror Island) / 1972
Director: Tancan Akin
Kinova 2- Kara Seytan (Kinova 2 – Black Devil) / 1972
Director: Cetin Inanc
Kinova 3- Kamcili Kadin (Kinova 3- Woman with the Whip) / 1972
Director: Cetin Inanc
Orumcek (The Spider) / 1972
Director: Taner Oguz
Super Adam Istanbul’da (Superman in Istanbul) / 1972
Director: Yavuz Yalinkilic
Super Adam Kadinlar Arasinda (Superman Amongst the Women) / 1972
Director: Cavit Yoruklu
Super Kadin Dehset Saciyor (Super Woman Spreads Terror) / 1972
Director: Feridun Kete
Ucan Kiz (The Flying Girl) / 1972
Director: Semih Evin
Bedmen Yarasa Adam (Batman) / 1973
Director: Savas Esici
Cilgin Kiz Ve Uc Super Adam (3 Supermen and Mad Girl) / 1973
Director: Cavit Yoruklu
Demir Yumruk Devler Geliyor (Iron Fist: The Giants are Coming) / 1973
Director: Tunc Basaran
Kara Maske (The Black Mask) / 1973
Director: Nuri Akinci
3 Dev Adam (Captain America and Santo vs. Spider-man / 1973
Director: T. Fikret Uçak
Yilmayan Seytan (Deathless Devil) / 1973
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Yilmaz Kolusuz Kaharaman’a Karsi (Kilink vs The One Armed Warior)/ 1974
Director: Mujdat Saylav
Supermen Donuyor (The Return of Superman) / 1979
Director: Kunt Tulgar
Supermenler (3 Supermen Against Godfather) / 1979
Director: Italo Martinenghi
Uc Supermen Olympiatlarda (3 Supermen at the Olympic Games) / 1984
Director: Italo Martinenghi

Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda
Salgin (The Plague) / 1954
Director: Ali Ipar
Gorunmeyen Adam Istanbul’da (The Invisible Man In Istanbul) / 1955
Director: Lutfi O. Akat
Sihirli Boru (The Magic Tube) / 1955
Director: Orhan Murat Ariburnu
Ucan Daireler Istanbul’da (Unidentified Flying Objects in Istanbul) / 1955
Director: Orhan Ercin
Gunahkarlar Cenneti (Heaven of Sinners) / 1958
Director: Baha Gelenbevi
Baytekin Feza’da Carpisanlar (Flash Gordon’s Battle in Space) / 1967
Director: Sinasi Ozonuk
Turist Omer Uzay Yolunda / 1973
Director: Hulki Saner
Astronot Fehmi / 1978
Director: Naki Yurter
Dunyayi Kurtaran Adam (Man Who Saves the World) / 1982
Director: Cetin Inanc
Badi / 1983
Director: Zafer Par

Other Fantastik

Tarzan Istanbul’da (Tarzan in Istanbul) / 1952
Director: Orhan Atadeniz
Uc Baba Torik / 1953
Director: Arsavir Alyanak
Toros Canavari / 1961
Director: Burhan Bolan
Cici Can / 1963
Director: Ertem Gorec
Iki Sene Mektep Tatili (Two Year Vacation) / 1964
Director: Yilmaz Atadeniz
Altin Cocuk (The Golden Boy) / 1966
Director: Memduh Un
Part 1 of 4 in Turkish 007 series
Istanbul Dehset Icinde (Istanbul in Terror) / 1966
Director: Ilhan Engin
Altin Cocuk Beyrut’ta (Golden Boy in Beirut) / 1967
Director: Ertem Gorek
Part 2 of 4 in Turkish 007 series
Ortasark Yaniyor / 1967
Director: Zafer Davutoglu
Part 3 of 4 in Turkish 007 series
Altin Avcilari / 1968
Director: Zafer Davutoglu
Part 4 of 4 in Turkish 007 series
Disi Tarzan (She-Tarzan) / 1971
Director: Kayahan Arikan
Tarzan Korkusuz Adam (Tarzan the Fearless) / 1974
Director: Kunt Tulgar
Su (The Water) / 1981
Director: Cetin Inanc


Thank you Clockworkdaisyblues for the Turkish Pop Cinema Doc link!



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Xesus Duarte Patiño Rumbo


GREAT GREAT GREAT list, thanks!

Picture of mooniac



Yes, this is a serious subject. No:6; Watched a very long time ago but I remember Tarkan's boxer under that archaic fur-dress whilst jumping and kicking his enemy. The using of the reverse shootings for jumping looks like he's using a lift to get there. The German shephard is having a beauty spa!! in the hammam left barking there. Still no cure for those horrible sound effects:(. Turkish fantastic movies are also known for using 'rabarbara' sound effects which is made with the help of 2 or 3 guys saying rabarbara a few times to create a crowd noise. As for the arrow effects; 'phee phee phee'. And don't forget the toilet wraps for creating zombies and the aluminium foil wrapped toy swards...

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Turkish people are fantastic. great list :)

E AP likes this

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I must admit this is not a subject i'm familiar with or has even been on my radar,

  • Picture of E AP

    E AP


    Yes. It's a cinema I only recently became acquainted with and a difficult one to access. Many of the prints have either been poorly maintained or destroyed, exist in small Turkish markets in Beta and VHS formats, and have not been translated to other languages, or released other than locally at the time. Interestingly, one of the first films Metin Erksan directed was a Turkish Fantstik, Seytan, which is a remake of The Exorcist.

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    E AP


    *One of the last, excuse me.