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Chicago International Film Festival

  1. Hi, Tereska

    Hi, Tereska

  2. Field
  3. A Dog's Day

    A Dog's Day

  4. Anna’s Summer

    Anna’s Summer

  5. Super 8 Stories
    Best Documentary (Silver Plaque)

    Super 8 Stories

  6. De la calle

    De la calle

  7. Cool & Crazy
    Best Documentary (Gold Hugo)

    Cool & Crazy

  8. Goodbye Charlie Bright

    Goodbye Charlie Bright

  9. Silence... We're Rolling

    Silence... We're Rolling

  10. Trembling Before G-d
    Best Documentary (Gold Plaque)

    Trembling Before G-d

  11. Alias Betty
    Best Actress (Silver Hugo)

    Alias Betty

  12. Mirror Image

    Mirror Image

  13. The Moment of Accepting Life

    The Moment of Accepting Life

  14. Walk
    Best Student Animated Short (Silver Plaque)


  15. Member


  16. Met State

    Met State

  17. Best Student Narrative Short (Silver Plaque)

    Three Exits

  18. Offspring


  19. Avec tout mon amour

    Avec tout mon amour

  20. Lift


  21. Tokyo Breakfast

    Tokyo Breakfast

  22. The Milk of Human Kindness

    The Milk of Human Kindness

  23. Sweet


  24. Best Student Documentary Short (Gold Plaque)

    All Water Has a Perfect Memory

  25. Here


  26. Chico


  27. Kwik Stop

    Kwik Stop

  28. Maya


  29. Abandoned


  30. Hubert's Brain
    Best Animated Short Film (Silver Plaque)

    Hubert's Brain

  31. Focus


  32. Smokers Only

    Smokers Only

  33. The Orphan of Anyang
    FIPRESCI Prize

    The Orphan of Anyang

  34. Italian for Beginners

    Italian for Beginners

  35. Our Lady of the Assassins

    Our Lady of the Assassins

  36. Wild Flowers

    Wild Flowers