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Toronto International Film Festival

  1. It's About Time

    It's About Time

  2. Facing the Music

    Facing the Music

  3. Earth


  4. Khaled
    Sebutan Khas: International Critics' Award (FIPRESCI)


  5. Eleven


  6. The Judgment

    The Judgment

  7. Film(dzama)
    Best Canadian Short Film


  8. Weekend Plot

    Weekend Plot

  9. Soundings


  10. Much Ado About Something

    Much Ado About Something

  11. Magonia


  12. The Milk of Human Kindness

    The Milk of Human Kindness

  13. Inertia
    Best Canadian First Feature Film


  14. Bread and Milk

    Bread and Milk

  15. As White as in Snow

    As White as in Snow

  16. 100 Days

    100 Days

  17. Margarita Happy Hour

    Margarita Happy Hour

  18. Soft Shell Man

    Soft Shell Man

  19. The Bunker

    The Bunker

  20. Maya


  21. Otilia Rauda

    Otilia Rauda

  22. Rare Birds

    Rare Birds

  23. Broken Silence

    Broken Silence

  24. Zus & zo

    Zus & zo

  25. The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky

    The Diaries of Vaslav Nijinsky

  26. No Shame

    No Shame

  27. Dark Blue World

    Dark Blue World

  28. Honey for Oshun

    Honey for Oshun

  29. Paris: XY

    Paris: XY

  30. Warrior of Light

    Warrior of Light

  31. The River

    The River

  32. Focus


  33. Bintou, a Close-up

    Bintou, a Close-up

  34. Century Hotel

    Century Hotel

  35. Novocaine


  36. Picture Claire

    Picture Claire