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  1. The Nutty Professor

    The Nutty Professor

  2. Machorka-Muff


  3. The Monkey King - Uproar in Heaven

    The Monkey King - Uproar in Heaven

  4. Who's Minding the Store?

    Who's Minding the Store?

  5. En un barrio viejo

    En un barrio viejo

  6. The Ladies Man

    The Ladies Man

  7. The Errand Boy

    The Errand Boy

  8. The Bellboy

    The Bellboy

  9. Cinderfella


  10. Rock-a-Bye Baby

    Rock-a-Bye Baby

  11. The Geisha Boy

    The Geisha Boy

  12. Hollywood or Bust

    Hollywood or Bust

  13. Pardners


  14. Artists and Models

    Artists and Models

  15. You're Never Too Young

    You're Never Too Young

  16. Living It Up

    Living It Up

  17. The Caddy

    The Caddy

  18. The Big Sky

    The Big Sky

  19. The Stooge

    The Stooge

  20. Sailor Beware

    Sailor Beware

  21. That's My Boy

    That's My Boy

  22. Modern Times

    Modern Times

  23. Tih Minh

    Tih Minh

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