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Nervous Translation

Diarahkan oleh Shireen Seno
Filipina, 2018


Yael is a shy and contemplative girl, living in her own private world. She lives with her mother, while her absent father works in Saudi Arabia to help support the family back home. Everything changes when she finds out about a pen that can translate the thoughts and feelings of nervous people.

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Nervous Translation Diarahkan oleh Shireen Seno

Ulasan pengkritik

Through the film’s wonderfully arrhythmic editing, which combines lingering compositional shots, brief detail close-ups, and playful jump-cuts, the viewer watches as Yael meticulously wipes down her shoes; completes ‘Mad Minute’ multiplication tables with her friend over the phone; and cooks dinner with the aid of a doll-size miniature oven. The editing approximates the felt time of each activity.
April 02, 2019
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This subtly conceptual film, at once playful and sad, is above all concerned with what it feels like to be a child.
January 02, 2019
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The movie’s connective tissue thins and stretches but hardly ever breaks. It stays together due in large part to the careful, patient way Seno delineates the space of this house, lays out the daily movements of the pair who make their life in it, and sustains the soft but well-defined textures of the images that bring it across.
October 09, 2018
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