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Salvador Allende

Diarahkan oleh Patricio Guzmán
Belgium, Chile, 2004
Biografi, Dokumentari, Sejarah


One from the heart, Salvador Allende is the Chilean filmmaker Patricio Guzmán’s plaintive look back at the rise and violent fall of the world’s first democratically elected Marxist president.

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Salvador Allende Diarahkan oleh Patricio Guzmán

Ulasan pengkritik

Hardly a work of simple glorification, the film is a measured and elegant way of articulating Allende as both man and hero, but a complex one that still cannot be pinned down as being one thing or another—even according to his friends, family and colleagues, who appear here in interviews, and offer insights that help complete this nuanced picture of an inspirational figure whose place in Chile’s history has long been under duress.
January 03, 2016
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Through Salvador Allende we are offered witness to both the process and objects of Chilean history. Guzmán’s deliberate meandering through the emotional and political remnants of his country’s ultimately failed struggle towards a socialist utopia is both a concrete record of a left that once was and a deliberate interjection into a void of trauma-induced forgetting.
November 19, 2012
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