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Tehran Taxi

تاکسی | Taxi

Diarahkan oleh Jafar Panahi
Iran, 2015
  • Bahasa Parsi
  • Bahasa Inggeris, Bahasa Turki


Director Jafar Panahi drives a yellow cab through the vibrant streets of Tehran, picking up a diverse (and yet representative) group of passengers in a single day. Each person candidly expresses their own view of the world, while being interviewed by the by the curious and gracious driver/director.

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In his third work made after being banned from filmmaking, Jafar Panahi creatively circumvents the Iranian authorities in this ingenious trip through the streets of Tehran, talking to the city’s residents who then in turn confide in him, their driver. Winner of the Golden Bear at the 65th Berlinale.

Tehran Taxi Diarahkan oleh Jafar Panahi
Oppression has transformed Panahi’s art. Under the pressure of circumstances, he has turned from a classicist into a modernist, while at the same time transforming the very codes and tones of his frame-breaking aesthetic. He puts his own life into his film as an existential act of self-assertion against his effacement by the regime. Panahi turns the kind of reflexive cinema that, in the United States, would risk critical dismissal as narcissistic into a furious act of political defiance.
October 13, 2015
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The simple conceit initially gives the impression that Taxi is a documentary, before one overly staged vignette breaks that illusion. Despite the fact that it’s all orchestrated, though, the film feels as spontaneous and digressive as a Charles Mingus composition, and just as paradoxically light and dense.
October 02, 2015
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TAXI is funny and sweet—the camera is often looking up into the twinkling eyes of its filmmaker—with coy references to his earlier films throughout. I found myself so enthralled by the absurdity of the film’s comedic banter that I forgot, until the empty credits, that TAXI’s idle chitchat is also the stuff of life and death.
February 08, 2015
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