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The Man from Deep River

Il paese del sesso selvaggio: Deep River Savages

Diarahkan oleh Umberto Lenzi
Itali, 1972
Seram, Aksi, Drama


A photographer in the rain forest is captured by wild natives, and after months of living with them, he marries the chief’s daughter and helps protect the village from a vicious cannibal tribe.

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The Man from Deep River Diarahkan oleh Umberto Lenzi

Ulasan pengkritik

On the basis of titles Almost Human (1974), Violent Naples (1976) and Ironmaster (1983) alone, not to mention his later cannibal efforts, Lenzi belongs in the first rank of Italian quick-change genre directors, but there are only periodic glimpses of his combination of tensile camerawork and sunstroke delirium in Sacrifice!, a landmark in the shadow history of shock cinema nevertheless.
February 03, 2017

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