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Season of the Devil

Ang Panahon ng Halimaw

Diarahkan oleh Lav Diaz
Filipina, 2018
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Philippines, late 1970s. A military-controlled militia is oppressing a remote village, spreading terror both physical and psychological. The fearless young doctor Lorena who opened a clinic for the poor disappears without a trace. Her husband, activist poet Hugo Haniway, attempts to find her.

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We return to Philippine master Lav Diaz to premiere this defiant a cappella musical (!), which tells the story of a startling (and real) conspiracy of the Marcos dictatorship’s police state to scare and control the people in the countryside. Staggering, hypnotic, and urgent political filmmaking.

Season of the Devil Diarahkan oleh Lav Diaz Tonton sekarang
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A harrowing film despite its severity its leisurely pace, and an important one for dealing with the creatures in our midst.
June 03, 2018
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Diaz gives the songs the time they need for the words and melodies to wrench the gut. Because this movie is indeed gut-wrenching sad. In the story, song—and the words within—seem the only power with which people can fight unjust power. Yet that power has the same tools at its disposal, so saying words—and, just as important for us in the audience, listening to words—becomes an act of, variously, oppression, mystification, anguish, a call to arms, and an expression and communing of consciousness.
February 21, 2018
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Film by film, Lav Diaz has carried out a process of erosion of established rules, be it pacing or genre. The great power of his latest work lies in the fact that he’s targeted the principle that makes cinema a form of escapism, of running away towards a better reality. He has done this by choosing the genre that best encapsulates this idea, the musical, and turning it on its head.
February 21, 2018
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