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I Don't Want to Sleep Alone

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Regissert av Tsai Ming-liang
Malaysia, Taiwan, 2006
Drama, LHBT+


Forest fires burn in Sumatra; a smoke covers Kuala Lumpur. Grifters beat an immigrant day laborer and leave him on the streets. Rawang, a young man, finds him, carries him home, cares for him, and sleeps next to him. In a loft above lives a waitress…

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I Don't Want to Sleep Alone Regissert av Tsai Ming-liang

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It was great to return to the film last night. I was not only reminded of the qualities of Tsai as a filmmaker and observer of society. I felt as tough I was going back in time, doing the first baby steps in discovering aspects of Slow Cinema that would become so vital for my later work.
June 25, 2018
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This record of grinding frustration and fleeting tenderness, composed mainly of static long takes, plays out in a deadened, polyglot, pan-urban landscape of globalization’s unfulfilled promise—instead of a world brought together, Tsai shows natives turned into aliens at home, who remain silent in every language and find even the universal sentimentality of pop music fragmented beyond recognition.
April 18, 2015
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This 2006 feature by Tsai Ming-liang (Goodbye, Dragon Inn) is a departure in many respects — perhaps too many… Lee Kang-sheng, Tsai’s perpetual star, plays both a paralyzed hospital patient and a homeless worker who becomes the apex of a bisexual triangle involving another immigrant who takes care of him and a coffee-shop waitress. Despite the overload, Tsai remains resourceful.
June 08, 2007
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