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The World of Jacques Demy

L'univers de Jacques Demy

Regissert av Agnès Varda
Frankrike, 1995
Dokumentar, Biografi


The third of Varda’s films devoted to her late husband Jacques Demy. Interweaving clips from his films with insightful interviews with his collaborators and fans, Varda offers an illuminating overview of her partner’s life and career.

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The World of Jacques Demy Regissert av Agnès Varda

Anmeldelser fra kritikere

A more conventional film [than Jacquot de Nantes] that nonetheless presses against the formal boundaries of the standard talking head and compilation footage documentary. In World Varda goes through Demy’s oeuvre achronologically, the films traced by thematic and visual connections… This strategy pays off when Varda discovers rich commonalities amongst films that for all their aesthetic likenesses and intertextuality often diverge radically in subject matter and tone.
November 02, 2016
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