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Vurderinger & anmeldelser

  1. FISCHER's rating of the film Mauprat

    Malgré un scénario sans grande envergure ni originalité perceptibles, issu de l'adaptation du roman éponyme de George Sand, cette œuvre rare du réalisateur, mérite toute notre attention, de par les fréquentes tentatives (réussies) et tentations (presque néophytes) de quelques expérimentations cinématographiques bienvenues...

  2. Jason's rating of the film Mauprat

    The literary classicism of Georges Sand filtered through the morphine drip of Jean Epstein's gaze. Nature speaks one translucent voice through the élan vital of the all things that are one thing. In Epstein, from early on, all things are one God. The wind. The voice of the wind. The wind predominates here. And those dissolves. Enter here the arms of the master. The human figure: exhaling the breath of the sublime.

  3. Marilyn Mallia's rating of the film Mauprat

    I really want to watch this! Any suggestions how I can get hold of it please?

  4. tidal waif's rating of the film Mauprat

    not a masterpiece, but the superimpositions work miracles in this film, showing impressive ways of making someone disappear into the wood or see a dream.