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The Housemaid

Im Sang-soo Sør-Korea, 2010

Lee Euny is hired as a housemaid in an upper class family. Soon enough, master of the house Hoon will become her lover. The family’s world will begin to fall apart.

Impression of a War

Camilo Restrepo Colombia, 2015

For over 70 years, Colombia has been confronted with internal armed conflict. Over the years, the outlines of the conflict have grown indistinct. A climate of generalized violence has gradually settled over society as a whole.

Chain Letters

Mark Rappaport USA, 1985

26 dager å se

Best kjent for dokumentarene om Hollywoods Gullalder (Rock Hudson’s Home Movies), den amerikanske regissøren Mark Rappaports selvstendige karriere er full av overraskelser. En av hans beste filmer er dette kollasj-lignende portrettet, der fremmede blir sammenflettet innenfor New Yorks mørke side.


Michael Almereyda USA, 2013

25 dager å se

A photographer shares unpublished images chronicling time spent among the ‘fiercely independent’ residents of a remote English fishing village.

A Woman Is a Woman

Jean-Luc Godard Frankrike, 1961

When a stripper’s biological clock begins ticking and her boyfriend insists he’s not ready for fatherhood, she must weigh his best friend’s offer to have a child with her.


Jeff Malmberg USA, 2010

23 dager å se

After a vicious attacks leaves him brain-damaged and broke, Mark Hogancamp seeks recovery in “Marwencol”, a 1/6th scale World War II-era town he creates in his backyard.


Sion Sono Japan, 2016

22 dager å se

Kyoko is a twenty-one-year-old artist who loves being at the center of attention. One day, feeling down, she lashes out against her assistant, sexually humiliating her in front of the rest of the staff. Suddenly someone yells “Cut!” and we realize that they are actually on a movie set.

Christmas, Again

Charles Poekel USA, 2014

21 dager å se

A heartbroken Christmas-tree salesman returns to New York City hoping to put his past behind him. Living in a trailer and working the night shift, he begins to spiral downwards until the saving of a woman and some colorful customers rescue him from self-destruction.

The Big Feast

Marco Ferreri Italia, 1973

20 dager å se

Four successful middle-aged men Marcello, a pilot; Michel, a television executive; Ugo, a chef; and, Philippe, a judge go to Philippe’s villa to eat themselves to death. After the first night, Marcello insists that women should join them.


Bas Devos Belgia, 2013

19 dager å se

15-year-old Jesse is the only one who witnessed the stabbing of his close friend Jonas. Now he has to face his family and friends to explain the unexplainable.

Let's Spend the Night Together

Hal Ashby USA, 1983

This is the fifth feature-length film in which the Rolling Stones appeared, In this instance, their 1980 performances at the Sun Devil stadium of Arizona State University in Tempe and at the indoor Meadowlands Arena.


Jean-Luc Godard Sveits, 1985

Jean-Luc Godard’s amazing pastiche of genres from romance and gangster films to slapstick, melodrama, crime stories and film noir, incorporates several stories set in one Parisian hotel.

This Is Spinal Tap

Rob Reiner USA, 1984

Legendary British rock band Spinal Tap is followed by a ‘rockumentary’ filmmaker during their ill-fated American comeback tour. The resulting film is interspersed with powerful performances and it candidly follows the group as the industry threatens to fade them into obscurity.

An Oversimplification of Her Beauty

Terence Nance USA, 2012

15 dager å se

A quixotic artist hypothesizes about why he feels bad when a mystery girl stands him up. The event prompts him to ask: what’s the content of a momentary feeling? Is it the sum of your experiences? And, perhaps more importantly, are your experiences the sum of you?

Irma Vep

Olivier Assayas Frankrike, 1996

14 dager å se

Action-divaen fra Hong Kong, Maggie Cheung (som spiller seg selv), kommer til Frankrike der en regissør gir henne en rolle i gjenspillingen av den stumme klassikeren Les Vampires. Kledd i en kattedrakt og kan ikke et eneste ord fransk… Cheung blir kastet ut i galskapen som er filmindustrien…


Andrew Bujalski USA, 2009

13 dager å se

The personal and professional entanglements of twin sisters Jeannie and Lauren in Austin, over the ownership of Jeannie’s bright, candy-colored vintage clothing store, and the involvement of her ex-boyfriend. Soon everyone is trying to lend each other a hand but nothing is going according to plan.

Radio Mary

Gary Walkow USA, 2017

12 dager å se

Mary bor alene og venter på at det skal skje noe i livet. I heisen på vei til jobb tar en mann tak i skuldrene hennes og snakker med henne telepatisk: «Tror du på magi?». Mary kan plutselig høre andres tanker og hun begynner å høre musikk som tilsynelatende kringkastes fra hodet hennes.


Seijun Suzuki Japan, 1991

11 dager å se
The Taisho Trilogy

Yumeji follows real-life painter-poet Yumeji Takehisa, who strays from his lover when he falls for the beautiful and newly windowed Tomoyo.


Jean-Luc Godard Frankrike, 1965

A surreal missing person case sends an American private investigator by the name of Lemmy Caution on an interplanetary journey to the futuristic city of Alphaville, where he becomes at odds with the sinister ruler of the town.

Passing Strange

Spike Lee USA, 2009

9 dager å se

A young black artist leaves his Los Angeles digs and travels to Europe to find himself. A theatrical stage production of the original Broadway musical.

Wet Woman in the Wind

Akihiko Shiota Japan, 2016

8 dager å se

One afternoon, Shiori, a very sexually active young woman working in a café, is riding her bicycle and cuts off Kosuke, who is pulling a two-wheeled cart. Once a recognized playwright, Kosuke now lives a quiet life in a mountain hut, far away from the city, in the hope of escaping his past.

Funny Ha Ha

Andrew Bujalski USA, 2002

7 dager å se

When you graduate college you easily sashay into the world of adulthood, start a career, and get serious, right? Wrong. Marnie has left college, but not her drinking habits and her bad taste in bad men. It would be sad if it weren’t so funny.

That Most Important Thing: Love

Andrzej Żuławski Frankrike, 1975

6 dager å se

We honor the great visionary Polish director Andrzej Żuławski on his birthday with his impassioned first film made in France after his last was banned at home. A frenzied tale of troubled passion in love and art, it is driven with animal fervor by an unforgettable Romy Schneider, who won the César.

Mulberry St.

Abel Ferrara USA, 2010

5 dager å se

Revisiting the location and themes of Abel Ferrara’s earlier film China Girl (1987), the king of New York cinema crafts a loving portrait of his home with this neighborhood film about a community and its many vibrant souls at war with gentrification. A truly alive and buoyant gesture of cinema.


Seijun Suzuki Japan, 1981

4 dager å se
The Taisho Trilogy

Matsuzaki is a playwright in 1926 Tokyo supported by a wealthy patron. One evening, Matsuzaki crosses paths with a beautiful and mysterious woman, leading to an odyssey of infidelity and obsession…

Dead or Alive: Final

Takashi Miike Japan, 2002

The ace cop of a totalitarian police force and a drifting android play their parts in a post-apocalyptic society. They are destined to fight. Their encounter will change them forever.

Dead or Alive 2: Birds

Takashi Miike Japan, 2000

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Takashi Miike: Dead or

Two contract killers cross paths in the middle of the same job and realize they are childhood friends. Together they take a break from killing and visit the small island they once called home.

Dead or Alive

Takashi Miike Japan, 1999

A yakuza of Chinese descent and a Japanese cop each wage their own war against the Japanese mafia. But they are destined to meet. Their encounter will change the world.

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