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Adam Resurrected

Paul Schrader Tyskland, 2008

29 dager å se

With First Reformed, Paul Schrader delivered one of the year’s best films, a paroxysm of faith and desperation. But we shouldn’t forget that many of his films in the last decade have been as bold and confrontative, including this engrossing drama of WWII fallout featuring a wonderful Jeff Goldblum.


Katharina Mückstein Østerrike, 2018

28 dager å se

We discovered this vibrant second film by Katharina Mückstein—who studied under Michael Haneke—at its festival premiere this year in Berlin and were thrilled by its youthful combination of arresting style and honest sensitivity. It makes the quest for self-realization a heartrending adventure.


Jem Cohen USA, 2015

27 dager å se
The Unusual Subjects

One of American cinema’s foremost travelers—not only to places, but between traditional kinds of movies—Jem Cohen’s films excitedly hum as essential transmissions we need to see and hear. Perhaps none of his work is as electric in this way as Counting, an intoxicating mix travelogue and essay film.

This Time Tomorrow

Lina Rodriguez Colombia, 2016

This Time Tomorrow er en fengslende studie i familie og tap, krasjet mellom hverdagsliv og endring. Som med debutfilmen til Rodriguez, tilbyr filmen et vindu inn i den urbane middelklassen, som er så sjeldent vist innen colombiansk film.


Lina Rodriguez Canada, 2013

Med hennes første to filmer setter Lina Rodriguez elegant spørsmål ved rollen til unge kvinner i et patriarkalsk samfunn. Señoritas, som har blitt sammenlignet med Lena Dunhams Girls, fanger vakkert ting som har med oppvekst å gjøre og med en oppfriskende subtil feminisme.

Treasure of the Bitch Islands

F.J. Ossang Frankrike, 1990

24 dager å se
F.J. Ossang: Film er

I vårt retrospektiv av F.J. Ossang, dykker vi dypere ned i undergrunnen med en fantastisk punk sci-fi adaptasjon av The Odyssey. En fengende reise med en gruppe sprø vitenskapsmenn til menneskehetens mørkeste skjebne, Treasure of the Bitch Islands er en molotovcocktail av anarkistisk skjønnhet.


Wim Wenders Tyskland, 2011

23 dager å se

Between Buena Vista Social Club and The Salt of the Earth, Wim Wenders struck gold with Pina, an Academy Award-nominated documentary profile of Pina Bausch. A fitting tribute to the iconic dancer and choreographer, a spectacle of movement, of bodies in motion on-stage and off.

House on Bare Mountain

Lee Frost USA, 1962

22 dager å se

«Et sjeldent eksempel på en “nudie cutie» hvor den originale 35mm negativet i farger fortsatt overlever (i motsetning til å være falmet), House on Bare Mountain ble reddet fra en stengt film-lab og har blir restaurert til sin 1962-herlighet.» —NWR

Red Amnesia

Wang Xiaoshuai Kina, 2014

21 dager å se

The intergenerational effects of China’s Cultural Revolution are probed in this intricate family drama wrapped in a beguiling mystery. An intimate portrait of the profound horrors politics can impart upon daily life, the perfect title of Red Amnesia may prove to be a clue to the enigma.

The Convent

Manoel de Oliveira Frankrike, 1995

20 dager å se

In honor of the late maestro Manoel de Oliveira’s birthday, we offer this gem from an era which saw one of Portugal’s eminent auteurs collaborate with international stars (John Malkovich! Catherine Deneuve!) to brilliant ends. The Convent is a magical inquiry of history’s labyrinth of lies.

Dharma Guns

F.J. Ossang Frankrike, 2010

19 dager å se
F.J. Ossang: Film er

I 1997, spant David Lynch deler av Lost Highway ut av det plagede sinnet til en dømt til dødsstraff. I 2010, forestiller punkkunstneren F.J. Ossang at en hel film kommer fra en død manns fantasi, blander amerikansk pulp, gresk myte og fransk posei. Dette er en film av frihet.


Joseph Losey Storbritannia, 1967

Concluding our series dedicated to the dissident auteur Joseph Losey is this Harold Pinter-penned drama chasing the doomed romantic whims of an Oxford professor. Realized in an elliptical flurry of carefully woven images, Accident is a quintessential 1960s view of the many quandaries of love.

King & Country

Joseph Losey Storbritannia, 1964

Based off a book deriving from the author’s own experiences as a lawyer during WWI, King & Country is an antiwar film with the battle scenes refreshingly subtracted. The tragic trial of a traumatized youth is at the center of this crucial polemic against the injustices of militaristic nationalism.

De elskende ved polarsirkelen

Julio Medem Spania, 1998

16 dager å se

With its elliptical narrative structure and its depiction of a sinuous love affair marked by chance, Lovers of the Arctic Circle became a defining work for an entire generation. Now heralded as an iconic work in Spanish cinema, it’s arguably Julio Medem’s (Lucia and the Sex) most emblematic triumph.

East Side Sushi

Anthony Lucero USA, 2014

15 dager å se

Refreshingly set in the city of Oakland, California, East Side Sushi is a modest yet deeply affecting story of self-actualization, tradition, and manifesting harmony between cultures. A rare, welcome film with a tangible reverence of food—you might not want to go into this one with an empty stomach!


Alex van Warmerdam Nederland, 2013

14 dager å se

The archetypal story of an outsider upending the values of a middle-class family is revised anew in this uncanny thriller by Alex van Warmerdam. A modernist fable on the subject of evil and domesticity (with welcome shades of dark humor!), Borgman is an experience you’re unlikely to ever shake.

The Case of the Morituri Divisions

F.J. Ossang Frankrike, 1985

13 dager å se
F.J. Ossang: Film er

Etter premieren på F.J. Ossangs nye noir, 9 Fingers, er vi glade for å presentere et nytt retrospektiv fra punk-dikteren, musikeren og filmskaperen. I en framtid dominert av slåsskamper som blir sendt på TV er hans første film politisk kritikk med en opprørsk ånd.

Kriminell Sjalusi

Henri-Georges Clouzot Frankrike, 1947

The oft controversial Clouzot adapted his stray memories of Stanislas-André Steeman’s inciting novel into this marvelous free-form crime-thriller. Set in the desperate yet equally promising times of post-war France, Quai de Orfèvres threw out the rule book to make something both audacious and true.

Le corbeau

Henri-Georges Clouzot Frankrike, 1943

Today we celebrate Henri-Georges Clouzot’s birthday with his sophomore masterpiece, Le corbeau. Going so far as working with a German studio in occupied France, Clouzot deceptively slipped social critique into this tale of small town duplicity. A dark yet essential exposé of the French bourgeois.

Chaudhvin Ka Chand

M. Sadiq India, 1960

10 dager å se
Guru Dutt Restaurert!

After the perceived failure of Kaagaz Ke Phool, Guru Dutt made his comeback in the role of actor-producer with this melodrama of mistaken identity. Featuring the first use of color photography in Hindi cinema, this is an enlightening—at turns devastating—fable of friendship and intercultural love.


Ferdinando Cito Filomarino Hellas, 2015

9 dager å se

Antonia Pozzi is one of the most striking voices in the canon of 20th century European literature. Ferdinando Cito Filomarino pays homage through his analytical, tender eye to this young woman. Finally, the voice of Pozzi is sung and a new cinematic voice is found in Ferdinando. —Luca Guadagnino


Steve McQueen Storbritannia, 2008

8 dager å se

With Steve McQueen’s latest exploration of systemic evils opening in U.S. cinemas today (Widows), we take a leap back to the prodigious director’s intense debut: a shattering tale of political defiance fueled by a breakout performance from Michael Fassbender. Winner of the Camera d’Or at Cannes.

The Lion in Winter

Anthony Harvey Storbritannia, 1968

7 dager å se

Uniting two generations of performers, Katherine Hepburn, Peter O’Toole, Anthony Hopkins, and Timothy Dalton, The Lion in Winter is an epic adaptation of the Shakespearean Broadway play of the same name. A fable of power and family written with electric wit and the utmost linguistic intelligence.

The Servant

Joseph Losey Storbritannia, 1963

Next in our retrospective of British films from exiled American auteur Joseph Losey is this psychosexual and psycho-social masterpiece. His first of many collaborations with Nobel Prize-winning playwright Harold Pinter, it stars Losey’s frequent muse Dirk Borgarde as a disrupter of British decorum.

The Criminal

Joseph Losey Storbritannia, 1960

The first film in our retrospective dedicated to Joseph Losey, the American expat, blacklisted communist, and poet of wayward souls, is The Criminal. A complexly spun web of suspense and survival in a prison, this is a damning portrait of the cyclical contradictions in capitalist society. Essential.

From Its Mouth Came a River of High End Residential Appliances

Jon Wang Hongkong S.A.R. Kina, 2018

4 dager å se
New York

Vi konkluderer dette årets samarbeid med New York Film Festival’s Projections sidebar med denne turen til Honk Kongs flylinje. En studie av arkitekturens samsvar og uoverensstemmelser med hegemonisk politick, dette et en modig personlig kortfilm av viltvoksende politisk kritikk og refleksjon.

Kaagaz Ke Phool

Guru Dutt India, 1959

3 dager å se
Guru Dutt Restaurert!

The final film in Guru Dutt’s directing career, Kaagaz Ke Phool is a sweeping romantic voyage into both the brightest and darkest corners of a love shared by two artists divided by their society and careers. A haunting cinematic premonition of Dutt’s own personal demise—a misunderstood masterwork.

Blue Black Permanent

Margaret Tait Storbritannia, 1992

2 dager å se

Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait is one of the avant-garde’s best-kept secrets. We are delighted to unveil her only feature-length work, a palimpsest of dreams and memories, weaving her beloved Scottish landscapes and three generations of women through an audacious “Russian doll” structure.


Xavier Dolan Canada, 2010

Utløper ved mindatt PST

For better or for worse, Xavier Dolan is one of the most divisive figures in contemporary cinema. That division partly started with this sophomore work, and for good reason: baroque emotions, ostentatious colors, and bracing romanticism—and from where we’re standing, this is ecstatic filmmaking.

9 Fingers

F.J. Ossang Frankrike, 2017

Magloire røyker i en forlatt togstasjon når politiet dukker opp for å sjekke ID. Han løper helt til han møter en døende mann som han så arver en formue av. Magloire er nå forfulgt av en gjeng. Han blir deres gissel, men også medskyldig, siden han ikke har noe å miste.

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