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A new print-only magazine devoted to the art and culture of cinema. Developed, prepared, and published by MUBI.

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Image by Carolyn Funk

Issue 0

For the cinema to come

The pilot issue of the Notebook magazine features original contributions by film artists, writers, curators, and archivists about a unique and eclectic array of cinematic subjects, including sections devoted to moviegoing and film magazines, approached from unexpected angles. Features encompass, among others, a personal journey through images and text by Apichatpong Weerasethakul (Memoria); a beautifully recreated visual tour through the Museum of Modern Art’s milestone 1960 movie posters exhibition; conversations between directors Emma Seligman (Shiva Baby) and Mike Leigh (Peterloo), as well as between cinema exhibitors of Milan’s Cinema Beltrade and Dubai’s Cinema Akil; the manifesto of the workers of the Cinemateca Brasileira; an homage to composer Nino Rota; and translations of captivating writings by Yasujiro Ozu.
Notebook magazine is available in English language only.
43,000 words; 145 images; 132 pages; ISSN: 2769-7681

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