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  1. Sweet Bean

    Sweet Bean

  2. Giraffe


  3. Echo


  4. The Fever

    The Fever

  5. A Woman's Revenge

    A Woman's Revenge

  6. Le Week-end

    Le Week-end

  7. Our Time

    Our Time

  8. The President's Last Bang

    The President's Last Bang

  9. Awaara


    Raj Kapoor, 1951
  10. Again Once Again

    Again Once Again

  11. Once There Was Brasilia

    Once There Was Brasilia

  12. Fragile as the World

    Fragile as the World

  13. Office


    Johnnie To, 2015
  14. Viva Riva!

    Viva Riva!

  15. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

    Happy People: A Year in the Taiga

  16. Fake It So Real

    Fake It So Real

  17. Jobe'z World

    Jobe'z World

  18. Landless


  19. The Portuguese Woman

    The Portuguese Woman

  20. La Flor (Part 3)

    La Flor (Part 3)

  21. La Flor (Part 2)

    La Flor (Part 2)

  22. La Flor (Part 1)

    La Flor (Part 1)

  23. Stay as You Are

    Stay as You Are

  24. Villa Empain

    Villa Empain

  25. Good Manners

    Good Manners

  26. Junun


  27. I Am Somebody

    I Am Somebody

  28. Tribute to Malcolm X

    Tribute to Malcolm X

  29. Integration Report 1

    Integration Report 1

  30. Film Title Poem

    Film Title Poem

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