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Alien 3

Reżyseria David Fincher
Stany Zjednoczone, 1992
Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller


Lieutenant Ellen Ripley awakens on a prison planet after her escape pod crashes there, only to discover that her craft has also been harboring a dangerous extra-terrestrial which soon begins a vicious killing spree.

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Alien³ Reżyseria David Fincher

Nagrody i Festiwale

Academy Awards

1993 | Nominowany: Best Effects, Visual Effects

BAFTA Awards

1993 | Nominowany: Best Special Effects

Hugo Awards

1993 | Nominowany: Best Dramatic Presentation

Recenzje krytyków

Sift through the film’s disjointed, episodic structure, however, and there’s much to admire. Considerable criticism, from both audiences and former cast and crew members on the series, was directed at the decision to callously kill off Lt. Hicks (Michael Biehn) and Newt (Carrie Henn) in the opening credits. Regarded on its own terms, though, their deaths fit well within the series’s bleak tone.
May 19, 2017
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Everything that Fincher became known for originates here: the dank interiors, the sense of dread dripping from every vent and furrowed brow. His direction is magnificent. The voice of a master was silenced by everyone loud enough to be heard… The film may be riddled with imperfections, but it transcends them. If Ridley Scott’s Alien is science fiction turned into art, Alien³ is art maimed viciously until it resembles science fiction.
December 01, 2013
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Co mówią ludzie?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Alien³

    Assembly Cut or Theatrical Edition, I don't think I'll ever come around on "Alien 3." I try to latch onto the aspects of the production design that remind me of "12 Monkeys" or "Dark City," but I'd rather be watching those movies instead - and this film can't manage to land on an even tone, beyond nihilism for nihilism's sake. I know I'll never loathe this as much as Fincher himself, but I find it such a dreary slog.

  • Addy K.'s rating of the film Alien³

    2003 Assembly Cut (145min): no viewing of ALIEN3 can be complete without WRECKAGE AND RAGE, de Lauzirika's exhaustive doc on the troubled production. Fincher has matured as a storyteller since BENJAMIN BUTTON, but his legacy will remain as technician. And despite all the studio meddling, the inherent nastiness in ALIEN3 is all him. Thankfully, relief arrives as black humor when Ripley teams up with the prison freaks!

  • ig_____or's rating of the film Alien³

    I think this third entry in the Alien saga doesn't get the credit it deserves. Sure, it's a bit of a step-down compared with the first two, perhaps because it isn't as moody/dark as "Alien" or action/creature-packed like "Aliens", falling somewhere in between. But I think it's still an incredible first-feature film by Fincher, with great visuals and some interesting characters. Ripley rocked that shaved head!

  • André Vieira's rating of the film Alien³

    I need to watch the "Assembly Cut". The CGI Alien is laughable compared to the man in suit gimmick of the first movie. I understand why Fincher doesn't want his name associated with 'Alien 3' but it´s not a bad movie.. it's far from that.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Alien³

    The best in the series despite what anyone might say. It has a great visual look,a cracking score, a bleak and nihilistic touch that the other movies lack, no gun-wielding grunts, and an interesting premise. The production had its problems but this movie is proof that sometimes a disaster can produce glorious results.

  • Roberto Russo's rating of the film Alien³

    Awkward CGI use aside, Alien 3 is on the same level of awesomeness of the previous ones. Didn't know it was underrated until I saw the ratings here. Not trying to piss Fincher's fans off - already pissing - this is better than Fight Club.

  • Scout Tafoya's rating of the film Alien³

    A beautiful and misunderstood three-legged creature. It can't do all the tricks of a healthy animal but it does its best and there is something mesmerizing about its failure. I love it though I know it has problems.

  • Phil Worfel's rating of the film Alien³

    Really enjoyed the extended cut (although not directors cut) that is on the 2 disc set. Despite its fundamental flaws it creates a believable atmosphere and one where terror could very well have run amok. Check out the making-of (or unmaking-of) featurette on the 2 disc DVD. Vincent Ward's original story for the film would have been fantastic! Worth the price of the DVD.

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