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Szymon Pustelnik

Simón del desierto

Reżyseria Luis Buñuel
Meksyk, 1965
Komedia, Dramat, Filmy krótkometrażowe


Simon of the Desert is Luis Buñuel’s wicked and wild take on the life of devoted ascetic Saint Simeon Stylites, who waited atop a pillar surrounded by a barren landscape for six years, six months, and six days, in order to prove his devotion to God.

Szymon Pustelnik Reżyseria Luis Buñuel

Recenzje krytyków

These “spiritual shenanigans” are an unquestionably hilarious critique on religion in society, perhaps even the sole inspiration for Life of Brian, among other iconoclastic films. Despite the nixed budget and shortened running time (less than an hour), the lettuce-eating antics and merciless absurdity that lead up to the unsuspected deus-ex-machina ending only make the film seem more freakish.
August 13, 2014
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