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Foto de Darren McGavin
Foto de Darren McGavin

Darren McGavin

“(about the character of Carl Kolchak) Kolchak is the seeker of truth who will break that veil of secrecy. That's the initial springboard for the character and that's what I always want to play. All the network saw were these cockamamie monsters. There are more bloodsuckers in Beverly Hills than you can ever put on television. Who knows what's going on in the White house or big business or the halls of Congress or the oil companies. Kolchak really wants to get in there and expose all of the true monsters that are affecting our lives. He's a kind of folk hero who's battling the forces of evil that we can't pin down ourselves and deal with. That's what Kolchak told us at the end of every show. "It's true. Don't you understand? It's true.”


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