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A Kind of Loving

Regizat de John Schlesinger
Marea Britanie, 1962
Dramă, Dragoste


Vic is a Manchester draughtsman who has a sexual relationship with typist Ingrid—she falls for him, but he is not in love with her. Despite the unrequited love, the two soon marry due to Ingrid’s pregnancy and learn to form a relationship despite the lack of mutual romance.

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A Kind of Loving Regizat de John Schlesinger

Premii & Festivaluri

Berlin International Film Festival

1962 | Câștigător: Golden Berlin Bear

BAFTA Awards

1963 | 4 nominalizări, inclusiv Best British Actor

Recenzii ale criticilor

The plot has seen sterling service (man trapped into marriage by an unplanned pregnancy), the setting is the then fashionable one of North Country factory and lower-middle-class aspirations, and the dialogue has the sort of terse, tape-recorder saltiness that scriptwriters Willis Hall and Keith Waterhouse used to churn out by the mile. Yet with all faults (which include a clumsily episodic structure), it remains keenly observant in detail and rather moving in its very unpretentiousness.
January 01, 1980
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