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Beyond Rangoon

Regizat de John Boorman
Marea Britanie, Statele Unite, 1995
Dramă, Acțiune


Patricia Arquette stars as American widow Laura Bowman, a young doctor who’s unwittingly drawn into political turmoil while vacationing in Burma in the late 1980s, in this fictionalized drama based on actual events.

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Beyond Rangoon Regizat de John Boorman

Recenzii ale criticilor

It provides plenty of entertainment as long as you can overlook the fact that it’s implicitly treating you like a greenhorn dunderhead. The first time I saw it, in Paris three months ago, it was easy for me to overlook these insults because I’d consumed half a bottle of wine and was more or less on a reviewer’s holiday.
September 01, 1995
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