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Three Exercises of Interpretation

Trois exercises d'interpretation

Regizat de Cristi Puiu
Franța, 2012


Three films based on Three Conversations by Russian writer and philosopher Vladimir Solovyov. The actors’ ‘exercises’ developed into a minimalistic trilogy on cinema and literature, social and spiritual life, acting in film and in real life. A pure intellectual and cinematic pleasure.

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Three Exercises of Interpretation Regizat de Cristi Puiu

Recenzii ale criticilor

What we have seen is that, by working through both the scenarios and the Solovyov texts, the actors and Puiu have experimented with the limits of diegetic plausibility, as well as the conditions under which different genres of material (dramatic, philosophical, theological, mundane) can be interwoven into a viable master-text; or the points at which those genres necessarily pull a text apart, representing cracks and ruptures in a cohesive diegesis.
September 24, 2013
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