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Cannes Takeover
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Directed by Lars von Trier
Denmark, Germany, 2009
Avant-Garde, Drama
  • English
  • English
Cannes Takeover


In this highly controversial psychodrama, a heartbroken couple grieving the loss of their child attempts to find peace and sanity in the relationship through a trip to their cabin in the woods. But nature reveals its dark roots as things begin to spiral downwards.

Our take

With the Cannes Film Festival rolling out the red carpet this week, we offer an annual takeover series spotlighting recent Cannes favorites. First up is one of the most extreme cinematic provocations: Lars von Trier’s Antichrist. An endurance test for which Charlotte Gainsbourg won Best Actress.

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Awards & Festivals

Cannes Film Festival

2009 | Winner: Best Actress

2009 | Nominee: Palme d'Or

Village Voice Film Poll

2009 | 2nd place: Best Actress

Critics reviews

The lack of relief, of any kind, is the comedy. The sheer endurance-test nature of the material takes on its own satirical velocity without undermining the seriousness of the violence, which is graphic in a way that Mother!, with its MPAA R-rating, can’t approach. Nor does it dull the power of the script’s various subtexts, which are nightmarishly contradictory where Aronofsky’s are, finally, far too cute to be unsettling. Mother! solves itself, but Antichrist remains wide open, like a wound.
September 21, 2017
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ANTICHRIST, Lars von Trier’s little monster, has the barest, though certainly not the humblest, of beginnings. A horror film, a scaffolding built out of twigs and bones, on to which von Trier can hang animal skins, human limbs, and the sickest jokes his head can brew up. The man is Willem Dafoe and the woman is Charlotte Gainsbourg. There’s no monster; only the two of them, alone, with hammers, scissors and a few centuries worth of nightmares. This is a film made out of glistening bile.
October 23, 2009
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