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Half-Life in Fukushima

Demi-Vie à Fukushima

Switzerland, France, 2016
  • Japanese
  • English, French, German, Spanish


In the aftermath of the Fukushima nuclear disaster, a Japanese farmer ekes out a solitary existence within the radiation red zone. As Naoto wanders through the empty streets of his hometown, he confronts the remnants of a lost society.

Our take

8 years ago today the tragic Fukushima disaster occurred. We commemorate this calamity with a rare visual excavation of the now-abandoned zone, which wanders the ruins with help from one of the city’s natives who ardently remains. A bittersweet immersion into a communal memory of place.

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What are people saying?

  • Gbok's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    This film is a love letter to its protagonist, its world, its texture (seriously, the 16mm film make it almost a tactile experience) and to the cinematic medium in general. This film is a beautiful object crafted by skilled artisans. Like the best artworks, it evokes. It's not a tale, it's the chant of a monk. It doesn't tell you how to feel about something, it simply makes you feel. 4.5: Art

  • EdieEmm's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    An incredible story: One man holding out alone - both catalyst and custodian - in the post-apocalyptic wasteland of the evacuated Fukushima red zone. Surreal, abandoned cityscapes, entire architectures of contamination and waste, nature and decay in unmitigated contest... Cinematic gold, squandered. A long, unfulfilling 60 minutes, unnecessarily reliant on obvious & heavyhanded 'artistic' devices. Disappointing. 2.5

  • Grace's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    Photography captures the beauty, tragedy and bleakness in such a devastating environment. The farmer decides to stay in his home within the Radiation Red Zone .. The images of the animals, vegetation and abandoned homes/ lives is poignant. LOVE MUBI for showing this to me

  • Superfrog's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    I'd like to give more as the subject is interesting, the technical aspects fine and the characters good as well. Some scenes are great. I just can't help being pushed away by the rhythm.I still recommend you watch it though.

  • nica's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    Found the subject and the situation endlessly intriguing, while also realizing how inhumane that could sound. I feel the need to know how Mr. Naoto is right now.

  • Mitsunoir's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima


  • Madi Caswell's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    Half-Life In Fukushima has elements from about every other post-apocalyptic film that exists, focusing on a life, or lives, going day to day after a catastrophic event. The film being only 60 minutes long gives a glimpse of a farmer and his father living in Fukushima after the nuclear meltdown in 2011. Beautiful scenes, not much of a story to pay attention to but defiantly worth viewing it in an artistic way.

  • Ludovic72's rating of the film Half-Life in Fukushima

    Malgré le danger, un fermier et son père restent dans la zone contaminée par la catastrophe. Les images sont intéressantes : une ville abandonnée (avec la nature qui reprend ses droits), la plage dévastée par le tsunami, les équipes de décontamination… Associées à divers bruitages, elles rendent compte d'une certaine "poésie de fin du monde". Mais pourquoi aussi peu de commentaires, dialogues et autres précisions ?