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Les îles

Directed by Yann Gonzalez
France, 2017
Short, Fantasy, Avant-Garde
  • French
  • English, Turkish


A sexual reverie unfolds over the course of one ethereal night. Characters wander through an erotic maze of love and lust, blurring the lines between wet dream and lucid nightmare as a macabre, erotic stage performance sends a ripple of lustful desires through its audience and performers.

Our take

Is it a dream? A nightmare? Waking life is alluringly indistinguishable from the two in this tenderly explicit and nakedly romantic short by Yann Gonzalez. Islands is certain to entrap the entire spectrum of one’s attention in its evocative, erotic nighttime reverie of self-discovery.

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What are people saying?

  • Nicole Richie's rating of the film Islands

    dreaming a thought that could dream about a thought, that could think of the dreamer that thought, that could think of dreaming and getting a glimmer of God, I be dreaming a dream in a thought, that could dream about a thought, that could think about dreaming a dream.

  • christopher harris's rating of the film Islands

    This movie is quite a trip, full of sexual desire and freedom in a most unusual display. Although it is a bit of a trip, it does show a kind of dreamland that takes the mind to a place of wonder. Thinking if this is real, a dream, or something else, it twists from sexual desire to acceptance of people and back to love and desire.

  • Venus Rey Jr's rating of the film Islands

    Un film que explora el placer sensual. Escena 1: Vista/Gusto. Representación teatral del deseo. Los espectadores son voyeristas. Felación. Escena 2: Oído. Una mujer graba en un cassette el audio de hombres teniendo sexo. Escena 3: Tacto. La mujer se toca mientras escucha el audio que grabó. Escena final: La mujer entra en el escenario del principio: es la circularidad del placer. Buen homenaje a Bertrand Mandico.

  • Korial's rating of the film Islands

    I was pleasantly shocked by the first vignette that made me expect an equally tantalizing development. But that was not the point. The peak at the beginning is part of what appears to be a (although synthetic) compelling analysis of the philosophical categories of eros, hypnos and thanatos. Gonzales also puts forth some interesting aesthetics (the mouth as the mirror of pleasure).

  • Carol's rating of the film Islands

    Como forma de celebración a la comunicación sensorial, esta pieza combina texturas, olores y perspectivas tanto objetivas como introspectivas tanto del placer como del amor, sin abstraerlos uno del otro.

  • Charlie Douglas-Hamilton's rating of the film Islands

    Erotic dialectics. Overpowering experience, but we're intrinsically one removed. It turns meta-textual and proposes that conceptual involvement leaves us empty - feeling as islands. However, islands are all connected via the Earth. Therefore, those stuck in the conceptual must wait for the person that can help comprehend this fact and see through the murky seas.

  • Kelly Gauger's rating of the film Islands

    Just as mentioned in the description, it is hard to distinguish the events in this film as a dream or a nightmare which is what makes it intriguing. Lust is passed around numerous characters in one night making viewer's feel like there's a connection between humans and their lustful desires. The cinematography is very well done in that it makes it feel as if you are in the dream with the characters. in the film.

  • Indrajit Sen's rating of the film Islands

    Very immersive at times. The music, the colours, the shots...sometime it feels a bit too mystical by purpose, as if the director wants to make something difficult, than aim to break it down into the simple. But perhaps I am wrong. At any rate, it's thoroughly enjoyable!

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