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Radio Mary

Directed by Gary Walkow
United States, 2017
Sci-Fi, Mystery
  • English
  • No subtitles


Mary lives alone and is waiting for something to happen in her life. Riding the elevator to work, a strange man grabs her shoulder and speaks to her telepathically: “Do you believe in magic?”. Mary can now hear people’s thoughts, and she starts hearing music that seems to be broadcast from her mind.

Our take

We are thrilled to present the premiere of a new independent gem from Gary Walkow, 1987 winner of the Sundance Grand Jury Prize. Adapted from his own novel, this eerie, beguiling ghost story stars Kate Lyn Sheil as a woman haunted by a Mephistophelian mystery man and newfound telepathic powers.

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What are people saying?

  • Kevin's rating of the film Radio Mary

    I saw the word existential at the start of this film, and whoever didn’t want the woman to live at the end is the opposite of existential, while the rest of us understood in dramatic fashion the meaning of existential from the stranger to the dead end. Fantastic to see horror like it should be, thought-provoking instead of purely violent.

  • Slappy McGee's rating of the film Radio Mary

    I found that this "Mumblecore"-esque existential horror film kind of grew on me. Kind of like a year of moss slowly taking over my body. Eventually working its way into my central nerve core and causing me to actually like this movie. Or maybe it was the all the Scotch. Either way... I kind of "went" with it, and I ended up enjoying it.

  • Drew's rating of the film Radio Mary

    Lost me a bit at the end, but there was something so Lynchian about the colorful lighting on the faces that I still kind of loved it. It may be an understated and unclear plot, but there are darker implications made by the overarching themes of a lack of control of ones own body and a feeling of confusion and condemnation from those around you ultimately connecting to an abuse/survival storyline.

  • aaaron's rating of the film Radio Mary

    i was kinda embarrassed i spent my time watching this by the end. Sheil's acting makes the movie feel like it's aiming to be a compassion piece about schizophrenia, but after multiple goofy death sequences and repeated emphasis on the character's "superpower", you realize it's really just an attempt at crafting a children's horror movie using cool indie veneers rather than solid writing.

  • Sakinah's rating of the film Radio Mary

    A very slow and lowkey movie that was not the clearest in understanding and following what was going on. The ending definitely threw me off as well. The acting was very bland but kind of worked with the overall vibe of the film.

  • Aedin Walsh's rating of the film Radio Mary

    interesting plot-line and I was absorbed for the first half of the film.. The lack of strong acting (not terrible but just a bit bland all round) made it difficult to remain focussed. The last couple of scenes were a bit crap, made me feel like they were written in a hurry to try and get it finished, rather than work to have an ending as interesting as the beginning. The Quality of dialogue was wanting...

  • dotvom's rating of the film Radio Mary

    Though a little corny, Gary Walkow’s film was thought provoking and eerie. The use of stream of consciousness in the dialogue as the protagonist hears the thoughts of the people around her was fascinating. Lack of control was a theme that Walkow seemed to touch on a lot. The thought is unsettling and it created a sense of unease throughout the film.

  • LibertyCapz's rating of the film Radio Mary

    At times, the way the main character's sense of reality is portrayed after she gets touched by spooky skyface man in the elevator is genuinely unsettling. Pretty gosh darn impressive considering how cheap the rest of the movie feels. Poor sound design, acting and writing throughout. Interesting concept though. I mean honestly, who hasn't fantasized about what it would be like if you could read other people's minds?