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Hitoshi Matsumoto: Genre Upside Down
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Scabbard Samurai


Directed by Hitoshi Matsumoto
Japan, 2011
Comedy, Cult
  • Japanese
  • English
Hitoshi Matsumoto: Genre Upside Down


Kanjuro Nomi is an aging samurai who only has a scabbard. Deserting his lord to wander the land with his daughter Tae, Kanjuro is captured and sentenced to an unusual punishment: he has 30 days to bring a smile to the sad prince who has lost his mother—or else he must die.

Our take

After genuine whatsit Symbol, Hitoshi Matsumoto returned to the gleeful play and destruction of our genre expectations of his first film, Godzilla parody Big Man Japan, with this goofball chambara (swordplay movie). The ingenious scenario forces gag after gag so our hero can escape harakiri.

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