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We Don't Need No Education: A Back-To-School Series

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It’s that time of the year again. To help you keep calm and get into rentrée mode we’ve put together a collection of films that expose and study school dynamics while exploring the impact of education and the academic environment in the process of growing up, from radically different genres and perspectives, but with comparable pertinence, originality and filmmaking force. From a children’s social-services centre in Tangier to a Californian libertine high-school to the competitive admission process of the prestigious film school La Fémis, let’s see what’s on the other side of the brick wall.

Peggy Sue Got Married

Francis Ford Coppola United States, 1986

We close our Back-To-School series in style with an indelible classic that finds The Godfather director re-imagining the 60s with the knowledge of the 80s. A delightful performance by Kathleen Turner (as well as Nic Cage) foregrounds the comedy and fantasy of Coppola’s version of Back to the Future.

Graduate First

Maurice Pialat France, 1978

The rebellious spirit of Pialat’s œuvre finds a particular poignancy in his young characters—like the teens in Graduate First, who seem to be engulfed by indifference, in denial of the gloomy future ahead of them. This is an unassuming yet definitive generational portrait of outstanding veracity.

You All Are Captains

Oliver Laxe Morocco, 2010

Next in our Back-To-School series, and part of our close-up on Laxe, is his startling debut, in which he also stars. Shot on gorgeous monochrome 16mm, this singular “meta-docu-fiction” expands on the concept of hybrid filmmaking and keeps questioning itself—and cinema—both playfully and politically.

The Graduation

Claire Simon France, 2016

We’re hosting the online premiere of Claire Simon’s powerfully observed doc on the admission process of the world’s leading film school. The film examines—à la Wiseman—the anxieties of the candidates but also the methods of the evaluators, quietly putting the educational system under the microscope.

Palo Alto

Gia Coppola United States, 2013

You’re certainly familiar with Francis and Sofia Coppola, but there’s already a third generation bursting onto the scene. In her directorial debut, Gia—granddaughter of “the godfather”—assuredly adapts James Franco’s short stories to deliver an exquisite, darkly moving portrait of high-school life.

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