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Ben Rivers: As Time Goes By

MUBI Special

Whether capturing sloth time or exploring the past through geological absence, this Ben Rivers double bill takes its sweet, slow time to reflect on memory, filmmaking, perspective, and extinction in our evershifting present.

Now, at Last!

Ben Rivers United Kingdom, 2018

In Now, At Last!, Ben Rivers investigates what it’s like to live in slow-motion by capturing a day in the life of a sloth. When slowness is a way of living, every daily action, even the most mundane one, becomes amplified, strangely dramatic, and almost monumental—including taking a nap.

Ghost Strata

Ben Rivers United Kingdom, 2019

What if film’s most precious function were to capture the passing of time: those meaningful but unnoticed fragments of existence and geological layers of history? Filmed in sumptuous 16mm and structured in twelve chapters, Ben Rivers’ globetrotting film diary reflects on what “now” might be.

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