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Brothers Quay

MUBI Special

A daydream? A nightmare? A land in between? One thing is certain: there’s nothing else like the animation of the Brothers Quay. MUBI is proud to exclusively host the new restorations and digital scans of four of their best short films.

In Absentia

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay United Kingdom, 2000


Our series on the Brothers Quay ends on one of their most abstract films. Combining live-action and animation, it plays a shifting dance of light across the vivid, black and white, CinemaScope landscape of the mind: sinister, stark, fraught, haunting, and beautiful. In an exclusive new HD scan.


Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay United Kingdom, 1991


Structured as a strange, whimsical lesson on the nature of illusion, our next short is the Brothers Quay at their most mischievous. An exploration of the hidden wonders of art, Anamorphosis is a wonder of its own, where the visual field is rich with detail and endlessly elastic. Newly restored.

The Comb

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay United Kingdom, 1991


Our Brothers Quay series continues with a most hypnotic odyssey. A labyrinthine dreamscape bursting with detail and wonder, The Comb is a work of meticulously handcrafted cinema that both borrows from our world and seems projected directly from another dimension. In an exclusive new HD scan.

Rehearsals for Extinct Anatomies

Stephen Quay, Timothy Quay United Kingdom, 1987


This week, we present a quartet of films by two masters of their medium: The Brothers Quay, whose visionary, avant-garde stop-motion has dazzled critics, filmmakers, and audiences for decades. This gem, in an exclusive new restoration, is an unforgettable dream and prime example of their art.

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