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“It was a myth… No one had ever seen it.” —Nicolas Winding Refn on The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

Welcome to the world of byNWR


Born from Nicolas Winding Refn’s passion for the rare, the forgotten and the unknown, byNWR breathes new life into the culturally intriguing and influential. Home to cultural ephemera created by an array of Guest Editors and contributors, our beautifully restored and revived cinematic gems inspire a world of original content, where we share, enjoy and look to the future with hope, prosperity and the idea that culture is for everyone.

MUBI has joined forces with byNWR to give you exclusive early access to the restored films.

Guilty Bystander

Joseph Lerner United States, 1950


“Among the most sought-after film noir titles in decent quality, this film is presented in a brand-new restoration from the sole existing 35mm print, located at the British Film Institute. After being seen only in terrible bootlegs for decades, byNWR is proud to restore it to its former glory.” —NWR

One Shocking Moment

Ted V. Mikels United States, 1965


An otherwise lost film in the Ted V. Mikels catalog, as it only seems to exist in a single used 35mm print, the byNWR team remastered this existing source, in proper widescreen for the first time, though some very short gaps still exist from missing shots.

Stark Fear

Ned Hockman, Skip Homeier United States, 1962


“After a two-year search, byNWR was able to track down a “time capsule”-condition, unused 35mm print from a former distributor and create this gorgeous new restoration of a film normally seen in so-so copies, as all its original materials are long lost." —NWR

House of Seven Belles

Andy Milligan United States, 1979


“Restored from the sole existing element, a hand-edited 35mm workprint with magnetic soundtrack, it was decided from the start not to attempt any reconfiguring of the materials, as Andy Milligan left no notes, script or guides, and to maintain the qualities of the original handmade ‘object.’” —NWR

Murder in Mississippi

Joseph P. Mawra United States, 1965


“Restored from the only 35mm release print known to exist, as all original material on the film is considered to be lost, similarly to many mid-60s grindhouse films. Certain imperfections in the source material were unavoidable, but this represents the best digital master of the film to date.” —NWR

The Believer's Heaven

Ron Ormond United States, 1977


“Since all of the original negatives of Pirkle-Ormond films were destroyed in a 2010 flood of biblical proportions, byNWR has done extensive restoration work on the existing duplicate 16mm film elements to present the best version of The Believer’s Heaven which has yet been made available.” —NWR

Ears, Eyes and Throats: Restored Classic and Lost Punk Films 1976-1981

Richard Gaikowski, Graeme Whifler, The Residents & 3 others United States, 2019


“Through generous cooperation with the original artists, byNWR has accessed the best possible materials to completely restore and remaster this collection of films and truly showcase their artistry, visually and sonically. These restorations are all premiering here for the first time.” —NWR

Emerald Cities

Rick Schmidt United States, 1983


“Returning to the original 16mm A/B negative rolls for the first time, an entirely new reconstruction of director Rick Schmidt’s ultra-low-budget gem shines with a visual and sonic clarity never present before, including bits excised from the original 1983 release prints.” —NWR

Walk the Walk

Jac Zacha United States, 1970


“The rarest film yet restored by the byNWR team, Walk the Walk was found abandoned in a closed lab and has been restored from its only surviving print materials, with hundreds of hours of digital work spent on repairing damage to its color from poor storage conditions.” —NWR

Orgy of the Dead

Stephen C. Apostolof United States, 1965


“Restored from the pristine original 35mm negative, the film is presented in its correct 1.85 widescreen aspect ratio, unlike previous poor home video versions. The estate of the director maintained excellent materials, so we were able to use the quality source for this ultimate camp treasure.” —NWR

Olga's House of Shame

Joseph P. Mawra United States, 1964


“As the original negative for Olga’s House of Shame is incomplete, the restoration process benefitted from a variety of different sources in order to revive both picture and soundtrack. Given the fragmented nature of the film, it is extraordinary Olga can still exist in its full authenticity.” —NWR

She-Man: A Story of Fixation

Bob Clark United States, 1967


“Evidence indicates that She-Man’s currently missing, original negative elements do survive, but more rocks have to be turned to find them. This high-definition version, remastered from the best 35mm print source, was digitally cleaned up, while keeping the fairly rough look of the ‘artifact.’”–NWR

The Maidens of Fetish Street

Saul Resnick United States, 1966


“With the original negative long ago destroyed, a world-wide search was conducted for all existing print materials of this rare title. With the help of collectors and archivists, byNWR created the most complete version of the film seen in decades and restored it to its original glory.” –NWR

Satan in High Heels

Jerald Intrator United States, 1962


“The film was the project of some of the main purveyors of underground S&M and fetish art of the time, including producer Leonard Burtman. Discovered in a closed film lab, the original 35mm negative underwent hours of painstaking repairs to picture & soundtrack, which had begun to deteriorate.” –NWR

Chained Girls

Joseph P. Mawra United States, 1965


“This treasure from the gutter was another lucky find at a closed film lab, lovingly restored from the original 35mm negative by the byNWR team. So cheap was the production that the “library” background music came off vinyls. We have left in the original surface noise, just as it was in 1965." —NWR

House on Bare Mountain

Lee Frost United States, 1962


“A rare example of a ‘nudie cutie’ where the original 35mm color negative still survives (as opposed to being seen only in terribly faded prints), House on Bare Mountain was rescued from a closed film lab, and has been lovingly restored to its 1962 glory.” —NWR

Wild Guitar

Ray Dennis Steckler United States, 1962


“A gorgeous new restoration from the original negative, this film had long been plagued by ghastly sound and multi-generation video copies. It can now be seen in its original carefully-shot B&W detail—L.A. architecture buffs will be thrilled by the rare views of the Sunset Strip in its heyday.” —NWR

Cottonpickin' Chickenpickers

Larry E. Jackson United States, 1967


“We are excited to present this regional curiosity in its new sparkling restoration, made from the original 35mm negative. Previous releases were plagued by murky sound and dull colors that didn’t do justice to the Florida-location photography. Here’s your chance to watch it as never before! " —NWR

Spring Night, Summer Night

Joseph L. Anderson United States, 1967


“The saga of this film’s aborted release and its disappearance from screens for nearly 40 years could fill volumes. This 4K digital reconstruction is the original director’s cut, unlike the reedited version released in drive-in theaters under the unfortunate title Miss Jessica is Pregnant.” —NWR

The Burning Hell

Ron Ormond United States, 1974


“This film was rescued from the best surviving elements, after the original 16mm negatives were destroyed in a flood in 2010, and a fading and deteriorated dupe negative was restored. The soundtrack was preserved from original magnetic 16mm masters, sounding better than any other version.” —NWR


Night Tide

Curtis Harrington United States, 1961


“The 35mm negative of Night Tide had become so badly shrunk and deteriorated over time that it was unprintable. After months of treatment in Paris, a new negative was made in the US with the support of the Academy Film Archive. At last, Curtis Harrington’s original vision has been restored.” —NWR

Shanty Tramp

Joseph G. Prieto United States, 1967


“A worldwide search was conducted to collect the best extant 35mm materials of this cult classic. The prints were so severely damaged that it required months of chemical treatment to make the film pliable and flat enough to work with, in order to create this outstanding new reconstruction.” —NWR

Hot Thrills and Warm Chills

Dale Berry United States, 1967


“Since the original negative of this film is lost, this restoration was carried out digitally from the only two 35mm prints known to exist. Painstaking digital correction, hand painting and repair work was done to provide the best result, still keeping a connection to the physical ‘artifact’.” —NWR

The Nest of the Cuckoo Birds

Bert Williams United States, 1965


“After a very limited release, the film vanished without a trace, leaving only its ad campaign to back up that it ever existed. In the early 2000s, through a twist of fate, a print was discovered. Now, fully digitally restored, it is presented to audiences for the first time in over 50 years.” —NWR

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