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Chris Marker: An Essayist from the Future

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The Loneliness of the Long Distance Singer

Chris Marker France, 1974

We are proud to present another finely crafted film by the singular Chris Marker, aiming to convey 2 aspects of the actor/singer Yves Montand: his political convictions and his artistic integrity. By revealing Montand’s rehearsal routines, Marker highlights his perfectionist commitment.

The Embassy

Chris Marker France, 1973

Next in our focus on Chris Marker is one of his few ‘fiction’ films. However, while the camera witnesses a crisis, the only sound comes from a monotone voice-over, observing the situation unfolding before our eyes. As always with Marker, the political exists in both form and content.

The Sixth Side of the Pentagon

Chris Marker, François Reichenbach France, 1968

Our Chris Marker focus is back for a second round of the director’s unique and rare films! The Sixth Side of the Pentagon is an important document of one of the most major demonstrations in the U.S., taking action against the war machine in Vietnam–a time when revolution seemed a reachable dream.

The Astronauts

Walerian Borowczyk, Chris Marker France, 1959

Beginning his directing career in animation—inspiring Jan Švankmajer, Terry Gilliam, and the Quays—this ingenious first film from controversial expat Walerian Borowczyk was made in France using friend Chris Marker’s name to help it get produced.

Level Five

Chris Marker France, 1997

The beginning of Chris Marker’s love affair with interactive technology and virtual realities,. Level Five is a fascinating and rare artifact; an intricate spider web, sometimes a video game, that astutely plays with History and its ghosts. Who’s in?

Sans soleil

Chris Marker France, 1983

Closing our retrospective of Chris Marker’s inventive, transcendent travelogues and essays is Sans soleil, a profound stream-of-consciousness examination of memory, and a celebration of cinema. Voted by Sight & Sound the third best documentary film of all time.


Chris Marker, John Chapman, Frank Simeone France, 1981

In Chris Marker’s captivating short, human life appears absent, and what is left behind is just junk: garbage assembled and built into familiar shapes and structures, the ominous foreboding of foghorns and black box audio eliciting the de-familiarizing feeling that, somehow, this is the future.

Three Cheers for the Whale

Mario Ruspoli, Chris Marker France, 1972

Somewhat a departure for Chris Marker, this issue-based documentary delivers its sobering warning against commercial whaling and industrial extermination. It may be, above all, a fascinating act of myth-making—illustrating the importance of whales with remarkable sources and citations.

La jetée

Chris Marker France, 1962

Chris Marker’s game-changing photo-roman is storytelling pared all the way back, an inventive distillation of cinema that demands you lean in to the image and inspect every frame. A recursive and sorrowful stream of fragments and memories, sci-fi sans SFX!

Description of a Struggle

Chris Marker Israel, 1960

Named for a Kafka short story, this Chris Marker feature carries on in his usual mixed-media, scrapbook style. Deftly moving from one idea to another, exploring the communication between several simultaneous narratives, Marker leaves us with a whole ethnography of the young state of Israel.

Letter from Siberia

Chris Marker France, 1957

Continuing our Chris Marker retrospective, here is another entry that is far more than just documentary footage — one bolstered as well by a tongue-in-cheek script, a spirited soundtrack from the French New Wave’s Georges Delerue, and really, truly, everything you ever needed to know about reindeer.

Sunday in Peking

Chris Marker France, 1956

Director Chris Marker begins by recounting his childhood dream of visiting the city of Peking – a city he was once only able to admire in books. The viewer is taken on a journey through this city, as if experiencing it from the mind and through the eyes of Marker.

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