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Cocteau's Poets

MUBI Special

To celebrate the birthday of one of the 20th-century’s great artists, MUBI will show Jean Cocteau’s first and last film. Each exploring the life of poets, these French classics are told in a cinematic language evocative of dreams, fantasies and myths.

Testament of Orpheus

Jean Cocteau France, 1960


Testament of Orpheus is Jean Cocteau’s final film and most expansive artistic statement. Answering nearly all of the images & ideas on creation and mortality found in Blood of a Poet, Cocteau concludes both his art and his life with this luminous and lively work of surrealism.

The Blood of a Poet

Jean Cocteau France, 1932


Today we celebrate poet-playwrite-painter-filmmaker-novelist Jean Cocteau’s birthday with his first feature, The Blood of a Poet. With it, he courageously introduced all of the dark romantic surrealism of his art to a newly born medium and irrevocably changed its expressive potential.

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