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Eduardo De Gregorio: Surreal Memories

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The first two films by Eduardo De Gregorio, the under-recognized and incredibly talented Argentinean screenwriter and filmmaker who collaborated with the likes of Bernardo Bertolucci and Jacques Rivette. De Gregorio co-wrote the films of Rivette’s “Dream Cycle” as well as the beloved Celine and Julie Go Boating, the film whose characters he further developed into his first feature. These rare works have never before been released in the U.S.

Short Memory

Eduardo de Gregorio France, 1979


De Gregorio’s second—and equally hard-to-see—feature leaves the haunted house for a sharp political thriller starring Bulle Ogier and Nathalie Baye. Featuring a rare on-screen appearance by New Wave legend Jacques Rivette, it channels that director’s quest for the secret ties that bind our reality.

Surreal Estate

Eduardo de Gregorio France, 1976


Argentine Eduardo de Gregorio wrote screenplays for films by Bertolucci and Rivette, from whose Celine and Julie Go Boating de Gregorio took characters (and actors Bulle Ogier & Marie-France Pisier) for his rarely seen, one-of-a-kind debut. Borges, Lynch and Rivette meet in this mystery house!

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