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Double Feature: Nicolas Roeg

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A director that has achieved cult status within a niche pool of cinephiles, Nicolas Roeg remains too widely unknown outside of his following. This idiosyncratic filmmaker, renown for his disorienting editing and for his cinematic reflections on modern alienation, was ahead of his time–his films were indeed often banned upon their release in the UK. We are therefore delighted to present two of his seminal films, successive in his filmography, both documents of a certain seventies unease, conveyed through radical, disjointed narratives.

Don't Look Now

Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1973

The second film in our double bill dedicated to the underknown and radical filmmaker Nicolas Roeg is a disturbing adaptation of Daphne du Maurier! This freaky psychological examination of grief and isolation deploys kaleidoscopic editing methods, and a famously controversial sex scene.

The Man Who Fell to Earth

Nicolas Roeg United Kingdom, 1976

We open our Nicolas Roeg double bill with his now-cult film, starring David Bowie as the ultimate alien! A perfect meeting of minds: Roeg, the great experimenter of narrative forms, and Bowie, the undefinable mystery, together conjure a masterwork of sci-fi, shot in the arid landscape of New Mexico.

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