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We are kicking off the new year with a series of exceptional debuts, the films that launched the career of some of our favourite directors. From Steven Spielberg to Federico Fellini, but also celebrating some of the best filmmakers of 2019 such as Joanna Hogg and Alice Rohrwacher, we welcome a tremendously promising 2020!


Joanna Hogg United Kingdom, 2007

We close our season of stellar debuts with acclaimed British master Joanna Hogg. Already establishing the formal precision and sharp observation that would come to define her exquisite style, Unrelated is a penetrating examination of the class that can vacation in Italy—introducing Tom Hiddleston!

The Last Battle

Luc Besson France, 1983

The Last Battle is, believe it or not, Luc Besson’s first feature–a dystopia free of dialogue starring Jean Reno and scored by Eric Serra. Its oppressive atmosphere and futuristic angle are evocative of his later works, while its nostalgic B&W and more modest budget give it a purer, rawer feel.

The Pleasure of Being Robbed

Joshua Safdie United States, 2008

Look out Coens, America has a new filmmaking team of brothers! After a series of ingenious shorts, the Safdies took to the streets of NYC for this story of casual kleptomania. In its sly gags and loose-limbed freedom, it leads the way to their hit Good Time, and upcoming adrenaline bomb Uncut Gems.

River of Grass

Kelly Reichardt United States, 1994

While we hope for First Cow to reach our screens in 2020, we look back at where our idyll with stalwart independent filmmaker Kelly Reichardt started. Her debut is a subversive fugitive drama, whose dedication to outcasts in the American landscape would become a hallmark of this essential director.

The Sugarland Express

Steven Spielberg United States, 1974

Before Jaws and Close Encounters of the Third Kind made Spielberg a wizard of the box office and American pop culture, he made this delightful feature debut starring Goldie Hawn. A cross-country criminal journey is transformed into that quintessentially Spielbergian theme: the quest for family.

The White Sheik

Federico Fellini Italy, 1952

In his solo directorial debut, Federico Fellini already set a high standard with the deft, often delirious The White Sheik—a romantic comedy that flows between real life, dreams, worries, desires & fantasies. Co-written with Michelangelo Antonioni (!) and starring Fellini regular Giulietta Masina.

Corpo celeste

Alice Rohrwacher Italy, 2011

The recent and sublime Happy As Lazzaro confirmed rising star Alice Rohrwacher as one of the most singular film artists of her generation. Thus we return to her debut: a coming-of-age story realised with uncommon perception and lived-in naturalism, it marked her as a talent to watch. Happy New Year!

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