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F.J. Ossang: Cinema Is Punk

MUBI Special

A rare four-film retrospective from the one-of-a-kind artist F.J. Ossang, a poet, musician, writer and filmmaker. Like lost transmissions from the eras of German expressionism, American noir, and French impressionism, Ossang’s films mix poetry with genre and an undeniably punk sensibility. Despite his cultural notoriety in France, his remarkable body of work is largely unknown outside of his home country. MUBI is thrilled to feature this exclusive collection of Ossang’s feature films, including his new film, 9 Fingers, for which he won Best Director at the Locarno Festival.

Doctor Chance

F.J. Ossang France, 1997


We conclude our close-up on F. J. Ossang with this feverish film noir meets road movie across the Atacama desert—born after a conversation with Raúl Ruiz! With Marisa Paredes & Joe Strummer as lovers on the run, Doctor Chance sees the punk poet sublimely experimenting with color for the first time.

Treasure of the Bitch Islands

F.J. Ossang France, 1990


Our F.J. Ossang retrospective journeys further into the underground with an awesome punk sci-fi revision of The Odyssey. An entrancing journey alongside a group of madcap scientists to the darkest reaches of humankind’s fate, Treasure of the Bitch Islands is a molotov cocktail of anarchic beauty.

Dharma Guns

F.J. Ossang France, 2010


In 1997, David Lynch spun part of Lost Highway out of the tormented mind of a death row convict. In 2010, punk artist F.J. Ossang daringly imagines an entire movie erupting from a dead man’s imagination, riotously blending American pulp, Greek myth, and French poetry. This is a cinema of freedom.

The Case of the Morituri Divisions

F.J. Ossang France, 1985


After premiering F.J. Ossang’s new picaresque noir 9 Fingers, we’re delighted to present a retrospective of the punk poet, musician, and filmmaker. Set in a future dominated by televised combat, his first feature is a calling card of political critique, re-mixed myths and fierce renegade spirit.

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